Jardin de Miramar Filipinas

Representing the traditional Filipino architecture and design. The Filipinas venue section houses the Ylang-Ylang venue. A crowd favorite due to its thematic view and unique indoor design. The venue is Jardin’s top pick for clients looking for a garden wedding protected with the elements.

The Ylang-ylang

Filipiniana Themed Open Air Pavillion

Capacity / Floor area

150pax / 277 sqm.

The Prado

Rolling Garden with Surrounding Forest

Capacity: 150 pax

The Paradiso

3-Layered Tropical Garden Gazebo

Capacity: 150 pax

The Terraza

3-Layered Partly Covered Garden

Capacity: 120 pax

The Pergola

Flat Garden with Gazebo

Capacity: 60 pax