They say August is a ghost month. But we’re blessed to welcome three new caterers to our roster!
Jardin de is Miramar is proud to present its partnership with acclaimed and professional caterers Shekinah Dishes, La Dexies Catering, and Chef Maria’s.

As a growing family, Jardin de Miramar Events Venue has tapped on these three new caterers to serve up sumptuous and delectable dishes for the soon-to-weds! A bonus? We are also completely excited to see what these three caterers whip up for their wedding setups – rustic, classic, elegant, or boho. Name it, they have it! It is important to note that for wedding caterers it’s also a battle of who is going to come up with the most imaginative, romantic, and value-for-money wedding setups. So, there are two things you should look for when booking your very own wedding caterer: the food and the setup! These three new caterers will not go down without a fight.

La Dexies Catering by Eventistry PH

Let’s start with La Dexies Catering by Eventistry PH, one of the veterans in the catering industry. The food is outstanding for the price you are going to pay. The most wonderful part is that they offer beautiful styling. Their main attraction is the tall, floral centerpieces that makes the whole setup look classy. The ceiling treatment, also a main attraction completes the overall look of the ceremony and reception making it look like a fairyland. All in all, expect to step into a wonderland when you book La Dexies Catering on your next event.


Overall look of La Dexies Catering


Tall, floral centerpieces


Elegant wedding setup in red


Ethereal wedding setup with ceiling treatment


Classy ceiling treatment

Shekinah Dishes

Shekinah Dishes’ pride and joy is the ultimately superb food that they offer. Their follower count is a proof of their reputation as a topnotch and professional caterer. Their tagline: celebrate just the way you like it is a true testament to their commitment to being of service to you. That means making your ideas come to life! Whether you want a laidback and chill wedding theme or an Arabian nights birthday party, trust that they will execute it perfectly. The most appealing factor in Shekinah Dishes is their unique use of everyday objects elevated to a fun and quirky setup. If you want something different and fun, Shekinah has some bright ideas to give that spark to your event.


Bright flowers and plants as centerpieces for Shekinah Dishes


Overall look of the wedding setup by Shekinah Dishes


You + Me


Cute and quirky centerpiece


Lovely flowers as centerpieces

Chef Maria’s

Chef Maria’s Catering and Events Specialist
is the youngest caterer of all having started out in August 2020. Chef Maria’s is a brainchild of close friends turned business partners. But fret not, the owners have decades of experience in the food and catering industry. Together, they are bringing multitudes of shockwaves in the wedding industry in the form of their oohlala food and their gorgeous wedding setups! Their price point is higher than the other two caterers but we can assure you: you will get what you pay for! Their wedding setups are effortlessly perfect and we’re feeling immensely attracted to it. We can’t blame the celebrities who have also pined for this caterer. We love their humble use of flowers, goblets, and centerpieces arranged in the most exquisite way possible.


Rosy elegant wedding setup by Chef Maria’s


Exquisite arrangement


The wedding setup sets the romantic vibe.

We are very happy to welcome these three caterers on board and we absolutely loved meeting them! You can see their styling and taste their food during our scheduled Grand Food Tastings! They can also arrange private food tastings for you at your convenience.

Together, we will help you create the best memories on your biggest day! Choose from our beautiful venues and pick a wonderful caterer. These are the things you need to make the DESTINATION: DREAM GARDEN WEDDING possible! See you!

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