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What are the New Ways?

Do you know that wide open spaces and fresh air will be the standard for physical distancing? In Jardin de Miramar we have both! Most of our venues are spacious and are surrounded by nature. No need to worry about cramped and recirculating air. Fresh air helps blow away the unwanted air elements in your event.

"New Ways" Physical Distancing practices


Temperature Check

People with 37.3c temperature and up will be subject to safety measures

Contact Tracing Form

Contact Tracing

All guests entering the venue are subject to contact tracing procedures

Hand Washing

Hand Wash / Disinfection

Handwashing of 20s seconds minimum are encouraged

Face Mask

Face Masks

All guests are required to wear face maks

New Ways 1

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing of 1 meter distance for must be observed

Food Safety

Food sanitation

All utensils to be used during the event will be UV light exposed to kill viruses

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Catering Set-up


wedding reception catering

5-Seater Table set-up

catering 5 seater setup

OLD 10-Seater Table set-up

catering 10 seater setup

The Buffet

Catering buffet sac b catering

1 meter distance buffet set-up

New ways buffet

OLD Continuous-Buffet set-up

New Ways buffet icon

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