Still on a wedding high? Complete these tasks after your big day to extend that feeling of newlywed pleasure…

Vows have been said. Bouquets have been thrown. Buffets have been ravished. Rings have been exchanged. You may be off to a beach or an unexplored city for your honeymoon but hold there, lovebug. Now that your big day has come and go, there are still some things to tick off on your wedding to-do list. Presenting, the ultimate post-wedding checklist that you need to accomplish before finally setting into your new reality!

1. Freeze the wedding cake!


This may sound very trivial but it actually makes a lot of sense to take home your wedding cake to avoid wastage. The best way to preserve a wedding cake after the wedding? Store it in the freezer! In that way, you and your spouse can still benefit from all the good vibes given off by that sugar rush! Way to start of your marriage!

2. Send thank you cards.


This is the most important task of all. Surely, you did not do anything by yourself, did you lovebug? These includes sending words of gratitude to your sponsors and messages of appreciation to your vendors.

3. Leave a vendor review!

With that said, if you were satisfied with your wedding supplier or vendor, pay it back to them by leaving a thoughtful comment on their pages! Personal reviews are greatly appreciated since these are concrete testimonials on their services. The vendors will utilize it to grow their business. Future couples might even find these reviews useful!

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4. Clean and decide what to do with your wedding gown!


Now that you have worn the dress of your dreams, it is important to not let it go to waste. First, have it dry-cleaned so that you can store it in its most perfect condition. Second, decide what to do with it. You can resell it by posting it online for a much lower price or have it repurposed to fit your everyday style.

5. Reuse your flowers.


You can always ask guests at your wedding to take home the flower centerpieces at their table if they want to. Otherwise, you can use them to brighten up your own homes. Leave a piece or two at your bedroom, comfort room or living room to add that extra color and cheer to your daily activities.

6. Give your in-laws and parents a personalized gift.

If your parents and in-laws contributed greatly to the wedding, show them you value them through personalized gifts or favors you think they will enjoy. This is also a way of thanking them for raising you to be the best person you can be for your spouse.

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7. Sort your wedding photos!


Memories of your wedding day are captured through photographs and videos. Give importance to them by storing it in a photo album where you can easily browse it through the years. Make several digital copies to back it up securely. Who knows? Your grand children might get a kick out of looking at these precious snapshots.

8. Open your wedding gifts!

Ooh, look! New stuff! Starting a new chapter with your spouse entails a lot of new things. (literally!) You will discover that a lot of guests (at least in the Philippines!) still give out pots and pans, monogrammed towels or fine china to the newly-wedded couple. Arrange these out, make an inventory and decide where to store it properly for the mean time.

9. Change your name.

If you will be following your husband’s last name, post-wedding is the best time to change your last name legally. Update your profile in all of the government-mandated agencies and be ready to rock that sparkling, new last name.

10. Lastly, talk about your finances.


The real world has begun. Time to work on a plan on how you will go about your daily expenses, investments and savings. Talk strategies with your spouse. After all, you are embarking on a journey with each other. That means covering all bases and getting ready for a lifetime of partnership.

It may feel like the wedding excitement ended when you bid your last guest goodbye at midnight. Extend the thrill by completing all of these post-wedding tasks.

Stay tuned for more wedding tips and tricks!

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