3 Architectural Feats For Your Wedding Venue

Looking for some beautifully-designed wedding venues to say your 'I do' in? We got just the thing!

Walking along Jardin De Miramar is a refreshing, aesthetic activity as your eyes are treated visually as you tread from one venue to another. Entering the 3-hectare garden, you will see a tropical house nestled in between luscious greenery. To your right, a cascading garden path leads you to an anahaw-clad pavilion, one that is made to celebrate a grand love story yet rooted in modest materials. Making the turn to the left, you will see a cluster of rectangular-shaped, garden-themed venues that leads your eyes to a luscious forest. Making the turn to the right, you will see a sophisticated venue complete with a glowing pool and a palm forest for a view. All around the garden, you will see art sculptures and plants native to the area.

In this new series, we will present to you the creators and sculptors of the wonderful structures and pieces abound the Jardin.


Simplicity and joy. These are the two words that Designer Pam Agabin used to describe her design philosophy and how she had worked up the Ylang-Ylang venue at Jardin De Miramar.

Ylang Ylang Garden Wedding Venue

The Ylang-Ylang venue is a 277-sqm Filipiniana-themed, open-air pavilion that welcomes a cross ventilation that makes for a breezy space.

Prado Garden Wedding Venue

The rooves are covered in anahaw, a common fan palm plant native to Southeast Asia.

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Takraw Balls at the Ylang Ylang

wedding-venue-vine  3 Architectural Feats For Your Wedding Venue 2  

Enclosing the space are vine-like ropes accented with sepak takraw balls. Tanlac bamboo blinds are made to shield guests from drizzles and the warmth of the afternoon light. The flooring is made to welcome throngs of guests. The overall theme of natural brown serves to highlight the structure amidst the green lushes in the compound. The clean and open plan layout serves to cater to the users of the space. The Mindanao-inspired pointed roof pays homage to the rich culture and artistry of the Filipinos.

Pam Agabin is deeply inspired by Ken Yeang, a pioneer of ecology-based architecture. Her design of the Ylang-Ylang venue is a reflection of her move towards sustainability and green design. She recognizes that buildings are the biggest eco-offenders among human activities and leans towards modest, eco-friendly materials to create a space that is a pleasing accompaniment to nature.

Stripped down from all the complexities of design elements, Pam Agabin is also inspired by self-educated Japanese architect Tadao Ando with his inclination to clean form and light. She seamlessly blends the Ylang-Ylang structure to the surroundings and highlights noteworthy features of ventilation and illumination.

Recognizing the space in front of her, Pam Agabin dreamed of a hall that will emphasize the natural elements that surround it. She drew up ideas and translated it to the functional plans of the space. Finally, she broke it down to the most useful and realistic way, a going back to basics, so to speak. Natural and simple, one that can bring delight to everyone who will experience it.

See more pictures of the Ylang-Ylang venue here.


“I design in a similar manner to the way I try to compose music or live life: to have a reflection of being true.” These are the words of Arch. Bronne Dytoc. Being true to yourself means getting rid of all the clutter that people ascribe you with. This is exactly his design process when he made the Plaza venue at Jardin De Miramar.

Tha Plaza

The Plaza is situated between the Sevilla and Estacion. It is an open-air, covered structure that serves to welcome spillovers of guests from an adjacent venue. Arch. Bronne Dytoc opted for a newer design, in contrast to the decade-long history of the garden, thus complementing each other. This decision is also a reflection of his personality as someone pushing for subtle unconventionality alongside mainstream processes.


The roof steel structure was made to be as minimal as possible, supported by bays without the visual weight of conventional trusses, thus a welcoming of light despite the expectation of dimness. The roof was made to be a cover for the rain and the harsh, natural elements. It is supported by brick-hued pillars and accented with a translucent flowing fabric with three butterfly chandeliers and wall lamps.

The technique of Bronne Dytoc to highlight the scale manifested in the pillars and the roof structure is an unassuming way to suspend the area and make it look spacious. He savours and completes the process by adding playful details that enchant guests who are there to celebrate momentuous gatherings.

Bronne Dytoc’s design process is a reflection of being true. Consequently, his personal encounters and maturity make up who he is. He extends the insight to the user by creating spaces for experiences meant to be shared with our loved ones.

See more pictures of the Plaza venue here.


Being aesthetically sensitive is the heart of the practice of RMDA Architects, of which the Principal Architect is Arch. Rolly Mercado. He is a registed professional architect and interior designer with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. He is also one of the first 100 Filipino Asean architects awarded in 2018. Having apprenticed under Arch. Leandro Locsin Sr., he has the sensibilities of bold yet functional design.

Sevilla venue at Jardin de Miramar
The Sevilla at Jardin de Miramar

The Sevilla venue at Jardin De Miramar is a 254-sqm area with a courtyard of 56 sqm. It is an enclosed, air-conditioned space with glass doors and windows, meant to carve out the concreteness for the user to be able to easily look into the greenery. Peekaboo windows near the ceiling tends to break the monotonous white wall. The aquarium windows on one side of the area gives you a glimpse into a mini garden with antique jars. Triangular-shaped trusses is meant to support the ceiling and adds dynamic rhythm to the overall structure. The whole space is illuminated with fern wall lamps, as if paying homage to the majesty of nature by incorporating little details that remind you of the flora.


Sevilla Seminar corporate

The Sevilla at Jardin de Miramar

Arch. Rolly Mercado has given the utmost respect for nature in his design, incorporating ‘garden theme’ to an otherwise closed-up space. This is the very core of his design philosophy: to take into consideration the relationship of the space with its outside environment.

See more pictures of the Sevilla venue here.

These architects and designer created the well-loved venues inside the 3-hectare garden. Jardin De Miramar is a top choice wedding venue, one that cradles masterpieces of experience and labors of love.

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