6 Essential Tips in Making Your Guest List

wedding guest list

Don’t know which people to invite to your wedding? Here are some ways to craft your invite list!

Tackling your guest list isn’t an easy feat, lovebug! But we are here to dish out the essential tips you need to be taking into mind when creating that guest list!

1. Divide the list, multiply the happiness!


You and your partner should set a preliminary number for the guest list and divide it accordingly. Couples usually divide up the list in half for their own family members. Others just shake up the guest list and would make much more room for their friends. Whatever personality you have as a couple, we’re pretty sure it’ll show up in the guest list that you will plan!

2. Make an A-list and a B-list.

An A-list should consist of the people you can’t imagine having your wedding without. If surprisingly a lot of them cannot come to the wedding, be sure to fill in those extra seats by taking in guests from your B-list. Just be sure not to let them know that they did not make it to the first cut of your guest list!

3. Adopt some rules and stick with it!


Drawing the line at some rules definitely keeps you in track of the guest list and the whole vision of your wedding. Whether it is an adults-only wedding or striking out plus-ones that you haven’t met, rules are definitely not to be broken this time.

4. Ask yourself these questions!


Lovebug, if you are not sure whether you should invite a particular person, ask these questions:

• Would you change the date of your wedding if this person couldn’t come?
• Is this person a positive influence in my life?
• Am I comfortable being around this person?
• Did I just see this person recently?
• If we moved away, would we keep in touch?

If you answered yes to almost all of these questions, then you actually see where this person stands in your life.

5. Make a timeline and set a deadline!

Sending out your invitations must be strategically timed and dated if you want to give your guests ample time to check their schedule and prepare for the wedding. If you haven’t heard back from someone after the indicated RSVP date on the invitation, call! You need to have your answers down pat in order to move forward with other necessities such as the seating plan and the catering.

6. Consider live streaming your wedding day!

C’mon, it’s 2020! Time to embrace new innovations like this! If you deem it impossible to trim down your guestlist to your allocated budget, why not consider a live streaming event service such as this one: Virtually, Jardin

In this way, you can invite more people to see your special day! Creating the perfect wedding memory, you say?

Whatever number of guests you have in mind, we have a wide range of venue selections! Let us assist you! ☺

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