6 Insider Tips In Wedding Planning || CREATING THE PERFECT WEDDING MEMORY


Diving in the first stages of wedding planning? We got you covered…

Here are 6 insider tips in wedding planning to create the perfect wedding memory!
Lovebug, we’ve lost count of all the wedding blogs we have read trying to create the setting and the tone that we want for the wedding. Might I suggest a few, useful tips as recommended by an insider? They are tried and tested and will surely make your wedding planning easier!

1. Preference of Church


This one boils down to your and your soon-to-be spouse’s religion and faith. For many couples in the Philippines, traditions speak volumes. That entails saying your vows in front of the altar. Nowadays, there are several churches that couples can choose from depending on their vision. There are old architectural marvels, nature churches and modern-looking ones. With the barrage of choices, the personality of the couple will reflect their preference of a church.

Insider Tip: Choose a nearby church to the place of your reception or vice versa. Better yet, why not hold it in the exact same area?

2. Location of the venue


Whether you are aiming for a simple venue or a destination wedding, there are several locations in the Metro that fit both of those visions. Can you believe?

Check out this location in Antipolo.

Insider Tip: Consider the traffic and the look on your guests’ faces once they see that the drive to the venue is all worth it.

3. Theme of Venue

The location of the venue is one thing, the theme of the venue is another. If you are looking for safety and security in a post-pandemic world, might we suggest open-air outdoor venues?


Check out these garden-themed venues just East of Manila. 

Insider Tip: Go for the venue that requires little to no decoration. Go au-naturel! Less hassle, more savings!

4. Prices

In wedding planning, couples put affordability over anything else. The philosophy is it only happens once in your life, why put scads of money into it? Well, lovebug that’s precisely the point, it only happens once in your life so why not put your hard-earned money into it? Pretty sure, there are a lot of wedding packages that hold value for your money.

Insider Tip: We got a venue package in mind for less than your budget!

5. Facilities

Holding an event means welcoming a number of guests and seeing that their needs are well taken care of. That means a spacious parking lot, clean comfort rooms and attentive maintenance staff. All of these are small but essential details to creating that perfect wedding memory.

Insider Tip: Do your shortlisting via Zoom ocular! You can check out the clean comfort rooms, parking lots and other supplementary venue essentials in the comfort of your own homes!

This wedding venue can accommodate your ocular virtually.

6. Promotional Offerings

A lot of wedding suppliers offer their services in bundles. This gives a chance for some couples to save up on cash once they embrace all-inclusive. This actually helps the couple too as they may have overlooked some elements that will be crucial to the success of a wedding.


Insider Tip: Talk to your supplier and set priorities! If you want the catering, the flowers or the gown to stand out then you should definitely put weight onto them and try to even it out by adding supplementary elements to the package.

What are some wedding planning tips you’d like to know more of? Let us know in the comments below!

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