Church Requirements for Antipolo Weddings

wedding church requirements


Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and stressful times in a couple’s journey together. From choosing the perfect venue to selecting the ideal wedding gown, there are countless things to consider. Saying “I do,” and committing to a lifetime of love and partnership is a momentous occasion that deserves proper preparation and attention to detail. 

For couples planning their wedding in Antipolo, there are specific requirements set by the Church that must be met before the big day. 

So, before you walk down the aisle at a stunning church in Antipolo, make sure you have the following necessary documents and permissions in order:

  1. Marriage License:
    One of the primary requirements for getting married in Antipolo is obtaining a marriage license. The marriage license has a validity of 4 months and is required for both civilly married couples and those seeking to get married in the church. For civilly married couples, a registered marriage contract must be submitted to the church.
  2. Baptismal Certificate and Confirmation Certificate:
    In addition to the marriage license, couples must also provide their baptismal and confirmation certificates. These certificates must have an annotation specifically stating that they are for marriage purposes and have a validity of 6 months. These certificates are essential for proving the couple’s eligibility to get married in the church.
  3. Publication of Wedding Bans and Catholic Seminar:
    Before the wedding can take place, the couple must ensure that the wedding bans are published for 3 consecutive Sundays in the parish of both the bride and the groom. Additionally, both individuals must attend a Catholic seminar to prepare for marriage and fulfill the requirements of the church.
  4. Canonical Interview and List of Principal Sponsors:
    A canonical interview is also required for couples planning to get married in Antipolo. This interview is conducted to ensure that the couple is ready for marriage and willing to commit to each other. Furthermore, a list of principal sponsors, who will play a significant role in the wedding ceremony, must be provided to the parish where the wedding will take place.

As we have mentioned, before you can say “I do” in Antipolo, you’ll need to obtain a marriage license with a validity of 4 months. If you are already civilly married, be sure to submit your registered marriage contract. However, if you are not yet married, the following important documents must be obtained:

1. NSO-certified birth certificate:

One of the most important requirements for a wedding in Antipolo is the NSO-certified birth certificate of both the bride and groom. This ensures that you are of legal age and eligible to get married.

2. CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage):

This document, also certified by the NSO, proves that you are not currently married and free to enter into a new marriage. It is an essential requirement to prevent any legal issues arising from previous marriages.


3. Parental Consent or Advice:

For couples aged 18 to 21, parental consent is required in order to get married. For couples aged 22 to 25, parental advice is needed. This ensures that the families of both parties are informed and support the marriage.


4. Passport-sized picture:

A simple requirement, but an important one for documentation purposes. Make sure to have a recent passport-sized picture of both the bride and groom ready for submission.


5. Residence certificate:

Proof of residence in Antipolo is also required for a wedding in the city. Make sure to have a residence certificate or any other document proving your residency in order to proceed with the marriage.


6. Seminar:

Before getting married in Antipolo, couples are required to attend a seminar conducted by the Division of Maternal and Child Health at the Municipal/City Hall. This seminar covers important topics such as family planning, responsibilities of marriage, and legal aspects of marriage.


7. Duly accomplished Application Form:

Finally, make sure to fill out and submit the necessary application form for a wedding in Antipolo. This form includes all the necessary information about the couple and their marriage plans.


couple requiements

After completing all necessary tasks, you are now able to choose the venue of your dreams. One exceptional option for weddings in Antipolo is Jardin de Miramar, a beautiful garden offering several picturesque settings for couples to say “I do”. With its lush greenery and charming atmosphere, Jardin de Miramar provides the ideal backdrop for a special and unforgettable wedding day. Conveniently located near Antipolo’s iconic churches, this venue ensures a seamless and stress-free wedding day experience.


In Summary


Preparing for your Antipolo wedding is not just about checking off boxes on a list of requirements. It is a beautiful journey of building teamwork and unity with your partner. Embrace the process and use this time to strengthen your bond as a couple. Your journey towards marriage is a testament to your love and commitment to each other. 


Remember, the beauty of a successful marriage lies in the small details and preparations that you both put into it. By fulfilling the church requirements for your Antipolo wedding, you are not only ensuring the validity of your marriage but also laying a strong foundation for a lifetime of love and partnership. Take this time to grow closer as a couple and cherish the journey towards your happy ever after.

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