The Cost of It All: How Much Is A Wedding In the Philippines?


Getting married is not so easy and cheap, lovebug. If you are reading this blog because you are newly proposed to, hold on to your seat because we will give you the blow-by-blow breakdown of the cost of it all.

The Cost of Church Ceremony


Let’s start off with a church ceremony venue, it usually begins at Php 6,000.00 to Php 15,000.00. This includes the use of altar, a simple floral arrangement and the officiant. A little tip, lovebug? It is better to be clear on the inclusions of the church ceremony package just so you know which gaps you need to fill in for a complete and beautiful church ceremony. After inquiring, you must also fulfill the following requirements for a church ceremony:

• PSA Birth Certificate (Php 155)
• Certificate of No Marriage (Php 210)
• Baptismal and Confirmation certificates (Depending on your baptismal church)
• Marriage License (Php 330)
• Marriage Banns (Depending on the church)
• Canonical Interview
• Pre-Cana/Marriage Preparation Seminar
• Confession
• List of Principal Sponsors and Entourage Members
• Wedding Permit (Depending on the church)

The Cost of Wedding Planner / Coordinator


After that, you should decide if you want to hire a wedding planner / coordinator. A wedding planner helps you organize your wedding, gives suggestions and handles logistics. A wedding coordinator, on the other hand, is in charge of the overall flow of the festivities from taking your bridal shots to packing your wedding cake after the event. A wedding planner usually charges Php 10,000 to Php 15,000 depending on the workload and days they will have to meet you for meetings while wedding coordinators usually charge Php 3,000 and up. There are three types of wedding coordinators: full, partial and on-the-day (OTD). These two people might help take some load off your back and allow you to enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

The Cost of Wedding Reception Venues

Sevilla venue at Jardin de Miramar

Now, it’s not a wedding without a reception! Wedding reception venues got more and more creative through the years. Depending on the theme that you are going for, there are a whole lot of selections for wedding venues. Since it has been proven that it is much safer to stay outdoors, the spotlight is on garden venues these days.
Afraid that you will shell out a lot of cash for a fancy garden venue? Fret not! Believe it or not, there are some outdoor garden venues that offers packages with caterings and minimal stylings for as low as Php 60,000 for 50 pax! Check it out.

The Cost of Wedding Components


If you want additional wedding elements like wedding photo and video booths, be prepared to shell out around Php 7,000– Php 10,000. A bridal car is usually around Php 4,500 – Php 6,000. A wedding cake is at Php 5,000. A professional wedding host is at Php 5,000. You can have a creative arrangement for Php 13,000 – Php 38,000. Sound system with lights and projector is around Php 9,000. Other wedding components to your preference can be booked for additional costs. Don’t want the hassle of individually picking your suppliers? This events venue has the perfect offer, pre-curated for you. Check out these published rates.

The Cost of New Ways: Live Streaming


New ways of live streaming your event made its rounds late last year. This is the new wedding trend that you should consider. Again, fret not! There are some events venues that offer affordable live streaming packages. For Php 9,000– Php 13,000, you can now invite long-distance relatives to your big day, virtually.

The Cost of The Wedding Look


Of course, let us not forget the wedding look! Bridal wear can go for as low as Php 10,000.00 – Php 100,000 depending on the brand or designer. The brand or designer does not really matter much just as long as you look and feel good on your best day.

Looking good on your best day comes with a price too! Hair and make-up services usually cost around Php 1,500-Php 3,000. You can score the best deals if you will book for your entourage as well.

The Cost of Wedding Favors

Jardin Naturals VCO soap

Wedding souvenirs are the most underrated wedding component, if you ask us. It is a token of appreciation for your guests because they took the time to dress up and join you for your special day. Show your gratitude to them by preparing a wedding favor that they will surely enjoy. There are gift boxes around Php 3,500. You can check them out here.

Few More Additional Costs

There are a few more additional wedding costs that you should consider such as:

• Supplier/crew meals
• Out-of-town fees for suppliers
• Parking fees
• Corkage fee for food items bought from non-accredited caterers
• Additional pax for catering services
• Accessories for the ceremony
• Shoes and other accessories
• Tips for event staff

These are just a quick breakdown of getting married in the Philippines. For us, it is worthy to be saving up for this is once-in-a-lifetime event. After all, you’ll be left with a treasure trove of memories. Gearing up for your big day? Let us help you.

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