Endless Love: Explore a World of Possibilities at Jardin de Miramar

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Perfect Venues to Celebrate Your Endless Love at Jardin de Miramar: 

The Ultimate Antipolo Garden Wedding Destination


Love is a journey that knows no bounds, a tapestry of endless possibilities. Crafting the perfect event or capturing timeless moments requires a venue that can set the stage for unforgettable memories. At Jardin de Miramar, located in the heart of Antipolo, Rizal, love finds its perfect stage amidst nine versatile venues, each offering a unique and enchanting atmosphere. Nestled amidst nature’s embrace, Jardin de Miramar stands out among the different venues in Antipolo, making it the ultimate destination wedding venue.


At Jardin de Miramar, love finds its perfect stage amidst the nine versatile venues that cater to every occasion:


  • Estacion and Prado: A Garden Wonderland for Your Dream Wedding

Fall in Love with Jardin de Miramar’s Enchanting Gardens of Estacion and Prado


Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Jardin de Miramar’s Gardens of Estacion and Prado. These charming outdoor venues provide the perfect backdrop for intimate garden weddings. Surrounded by lush foliage and blooming flowers, your special day will be filled with natural beauty and everlasting memories.


  • Paradiso: A Grand Celebration under a Twinkling Canopy of Lights

Experience Pure Magic at Paradiso, Jardin de Miramar’s Idyllic Garden Venue


If you envision a grand celebration, Paradiso is the venue that will make your dreams come true. This versatile venue can be customized to match your vision, allowing you to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Bask in the romantic ambiance of a twinkling canopy of lights as you dance the night away with your loved ones. 


  • Cafe Leonita: Intimate Gatherings with a Touch of Charm

Create Unforgettable Memories at Jardin de Miramar’s Intimate Indoor Venue


For a more intimate gathering, Cafe Leonita offers a cozy and charming atmosphere. With its warm interiors and ethereal aesthetic, this intimate venue is perfect for couples seeking a smaller-scale yet unforgettable wedding celebration. The space can be customized to reflect your unique style and personality, making each moment truly magical.


  • Sevilla: A Grandiose Hall for Extravagant Celebrations

Experience Luxury at Sevilla, Jardin de Miramar’s Spacious Ballroom


For those seeking a grand celebration, the Sevilla venue at Jardin de Miramar is the perfect choice. With its modern and spacious grand hall, Sevilla provides an elegant setting for your special day. Transform this versatile space into the wedding of your dreams, complete with stunning decor, dazzling lights, and a dance floor that will ignite joy in the hearts of your guests.




  • Ylang Ylang: Rustic Filipino Aesthetic 

Celebrate love in the embrace surrounded by the comforting beauty of Filipino culture


Experience the charm of traditional architecture and rustic Filipino aesthetics at Ylang Ylang. This venue exudes a sense of warmth and authenticity that will captivate you and your guests. Ylang Ylang offers a timeless and romantic setting for your wedding celebrations.




  • Isla Palma: Timeless Architecture, Old-World Sophistication

Create an extraordinary setting for your wedding at Jardin de Miramar’s Tropical Oasis


Transport yourself to a tropical paradise at Isla Palma, where sophistication meets the beauty of a lush oasis. This venue showcases timeless architecture adorned with stunning details, creating an atmosphere of elegance and grandeur. Surrounded by trees and breathtaking views, Isla Palma offers a captivating backdrop for your unforgettable wedding celebrations.



Summing It Up


Love stories deserve to be captured in all their beauty, and at Jardin de Miramar, you’ll find a treasure trove of structures and elements that serve as stunning backdrops for your occasion. From  enchanting gazebos to sculptures and blooming gardens, the choices are endless. 


At Jardin de Miramar, love is at the heart of every celebration. Whether you prefer an intimate garden wedding, a grand celebration under a canopy of lights, or a cozy indoor gathering, Jardin de Miramar has the perfect venue for you. 


Let your imagination run wild as you explore the nine versatile venues, each thoughtfully designed to create an atmosphere that is uniquely yours.  Say “I do” amidst the natural beauty of Antipolo’s gardens, and let Jardin de Miramar be the backdrop to your everlasting love story. 


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