Avoid these Bridal errors

Avoid these Bridal errors

Avoid these Bridal errors

Reference: https://bit.ly/39PeWsF

Not putting yourself first. It’s your wedding, so you should know what theme or style you want. Don’t let others dictate it.

No consideration for guests. For example, if you invited people to a destination wedding, but expect them to pay for their own travel fare, that’s lack of consideration.

Buying the dress before choosing the venue. You might buy the inappropriate dress for the place. Better adjust the dress to the venue instead of vice versa.

Announcing the engagement too early. It’s better to let your family and close circle know first. Give it a while, then you announce it on social media and in events with other friends later.

Not having a wedding planner. These days, with the myriad of services and components, it’s best to enlist the help of a planner.

Putting bridal registry details with the invitations. Best use a different way of letting people know this, such as using a website to house the list. Also, don’t make your invitations too complicated. No need to embellish them with maps and hotel lists if you’re out-of-town.

Social media strictness. Guests will understand if you prohibit pictures until after the ceremony. But when they do get pictures, don’t prohibit them from posting on social media.

Crash dieting. That’s likely to have more adverse effects than helpful ones. Better to go for healthy eating that doesn’t make you crash.

Having a large gap between wedding and reception. That is unnecessary. Guests might not know what to do in-between, and might leave. Thus, better to have it immediately right after. If it can’t be avoided, have something like a hospitality bar to keep guests busy.

Trying out an unfamiliar hairstyle, like and updo. It might take more time to do and give you discomfort. Just go with a hairdo that’s elegant but comfortable. Overdosing on hair products could also do more damage than glamor.

Leave out bridal-party gifts. That may leave a bad taste with the attendees. There are so many inexpensive choices for such gifts.

Elope without thinking. The movies make eloping glamorously, but it won’t help unless you’ve made arrangements with where you’re going to have your eloped ceremony. Downplaying your elopement later on makes it worse.

Being late with thank-you notes. It’s something you should have prepared for before the wedding. Also, keep having paper notes, as online ones don’t have the oomph of something in one’s hand.

Not greeting everyone. If you have missed someone, it’s not going to reflect well on those who went. Also, it could mean you’ve not pared down your guest list enough.

Mistreat single friends. Some can take the joke, but some can’t. But even for those who can, it’s discourteous. A wedding is no time to roast single friends (in fact, no time is!).

Be careless with jewellery. Cleaning the wrong way, losing them, or letting them break, that could cause a bit of delay with your wedding preparations. That includes the engagement ring. Have replacements ready, too. Don’t forget maintenance schedules with jewelers.

Be predictable with tables. If you can depart from the usual arrangement and use different table shapes, it would make the reception more interesting.

Overdecorate. It can make your setting painful to see. Also, don’t try to cover up eyesores at the venue. Decors might call more attention to stuff like the emergency exit. Just decorate the important parts that you want noticed.

Choose an unflattering wedding dress. That’s why you need to be careful, and test styles before you make your choice.

Compare your engagement ring with others. It will give you unnecessary envy. What matters is the commitment, not the ring.

Sticking to much with “per head. ” While you are trying to keep a head count on the budget, give a little room for a little more. This applies especially if you didn’t do much cutting down on the guest list.

Not being familiar with flowers. Not only should you get something you can afford, but appropriate for your wedding theme (if it does need flower at all).

Try baking your own cake or doing your own dishes when you don’t know how. A grand layer cake or pies for 50 people isn’t your responsibility. Leave that to the supplier.

Having some makeup boo-boos. Don’t try the wrong lipstick. It may be the trend to do colorless one time, but that makes your lips disappear. Go with a no-nonsense color. Also, don’t overdo the spray-tan, in case you’re having that. Don’t forget your eyebrows, too.

Schedule too little time for hair and makeup. If you do it in a rush, it could look terrible. Make sure you have enough time to prep this important stage.

Micromanage the photographer. They likely know what the best shots to take are, so all you need do is just request a few “special” shots, if ever.

Doing many parts of the wedding by yourself. If you can’t do the cake, then you can’t play photographer or caterer or other functions. It’s often best to rely on vendors.

Worry too much about little details. If a little detail bothers you a lot, your wedding would be ruined not by that detail, but by your own attitude.

Forgetting to eat. Don’t make yourself too busy that you don’t eat at all, even at the reception. Some people could get this carried away.

Not matching bouquet and dress. This may seem like a minor detail, but you might want to pay attention to this.

Missing out on hidden costs. Sometimes, you need to pay attention to the fine print, and look for costs of the type that might startle you out of nowhere if you didn’t know.

Inviting non-wedding guests to related parties. That might make them feel they should be at the wedding, and so could ruin you guest list budget, so be careful.

Not dealing with parents who seem opposed. Sometimes, a row with parents could cause a few problems. Better settle with them before the wedding. But for the other side: if your parents helped you a lot, don’t forget to acknowledge them.

Not planning decor and venue together. They should match. If they don’t, it could throw off your whole theme.

Having a cash bar. It’s best to have a bar that you’ve paid for already, with drink choices that guests don’t need to pay for, unless they want to.

Allowing too many toasts. Don’t let toasts go for a free-for-all. Just have a few, meaningful ones.

Playing music too loud. Keep it soft, so people could hear each other. It’s a reception, not a nightclub.

Forgetting to have fun. That’s an essential part of the wedding, not the formality. So have fun!


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