What to DIY and not in your Wedding

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

Wedding services are there to make preparing for your wedding easier for you. Of course, they cost a certain amount. And you would like to do something to reduce that cost. So there are some things that you might want to make yourself.

A pointer is, be careful, make sure you are able to do all those DIY things quickly and easily, or you will be overloading and stressing yourself. Wedding services are there to make your life easier.

In case you need a rule of thumb, here are some suggestions on what you can DIY and not.


1. Wedding favors – There can be little trinkets of anything, such as little baskets, soap, printed stuff, small candles, perfume, etc. If you love doing craftwork and have enough time, you could go ahead and do it. You can even buy ready-made favors to customize with guests’ names and such.

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

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 2. Ceremony venue decor – This is something you can do if your decors are light and simple. Of course, heavy decors are for the professionals, but if you know what you’re doing, you can handle decors without stressing or tiring yourself before the event proper. Best do it at least two days before.

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

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3. Program/schedule – It’s printed matter and stuff like this can be printed on at home.

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

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1. Cake and catering – Yes, baking your own cake can be difficult! Unless you’re a professional cake maker, you best leave this to other people. Even if you own a cake business yourself, or know how to do such cakes, it will eat up a lot of your time. You are also sure to leave this to employees or other cooks even if you know, as you will be too busy with your other preparations. The same with catering, cooking and serving food is best left to other people.

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

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2. Invitations – This is not like the program. Remember that you have to send them and keep track of replies. This is not something you as the married couple should be doing.

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

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3. Coordination – Why coordinate your own wedding? That’s insane! That’s why you hire a wedding coordinator.

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

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4. Reception centerpieces – This will be heavy work, and at times, you will be ambitious about it. Best leave table centerpieces to your service provider or the venue.

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

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5. Hair and makeup – You will tire your arms (and your face) doing it, and you might not even have the right makeup scheme in mind. Let the professional do it, and if necessary, you can do touch-ups and repairs.

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

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6. Music – If you, a bride or groom, have your own preferences for music, best let a music coordinator know and let them do it. Handling and directing the music yourself while being one of the couple or even one of the entourage is difficult. It leaves more possibility for mistakes as you spread yourself too thin.

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

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7. Photography – You can’t be the wedded one and the photographer at once. Leave it to someone who can go all over the place and not be hindered by an obligation with the wedding proper.

What to DIY and not in your Wedding

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