How Are We Doing At Jardin?

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How Are We Doing At Jardin?

Lhia Ubaldo | June 27, 2020


Wondering about us? Here are the things you need to know about us so far.


How are you? Are you still thriving and doing your best to survive this pandemic? We pray that you are well and you are still optimistic on what could be if you will only keep on hoping for the best. It’s been a tough 4 months – at times, it can feel like the world took a sudden halt. It isn’t easy. We all want to get back to something close to normal and fingers crossed, we hope that July will change the tide .


Today, there are some things we find hard to adjust to. When you are standing in line at the grocery store — not at the checkout stand, but in front of the grocery store, neatly arranged 6 feet apart from your fellow shoppers; when you visited your friends or relatives but had to stand outside their window, talking to them on your phone; when you saw that in the space of a week, jobless claims in the Philippines as businesses all over the world have imploded.


Indeed, no one can argue the impact of the Coronavirus is something that we have experienced before. It is an invisible enemy, deadly, and unaware of borders. The world is for sure experiencing a pandemic that is oblivious to many of the things we humans hold dear to us: family, career, culture, economy, borders, and political systems.


These are fearful times, to be sure. However, amongst all the pain and chaos, there is a silver lining: we are all united. We are all in this together. Amidst the crisis that we continue to endure, we should find comfort in the stories of hope and solidarity, and continue to see the value in the positive, encouraging lessons that are emerging for our post-COVID world.


Just like you, we too had faced challenges here at Jardin de Miramar. Like other companies, we had to face transitions as well. From being an everyday-event hosting venue, the number of events have greatly diminished, making it harder for us to keep up with the maintenance (place upkeep & employees). We went through unprecedented declines in our company and is scrambling to reduce expenses and pivot to be ready for the inevitable recovery from this pandemic.


But that didn’t stop us to thrive, thinking of ways on how can give solutions to people who want to celebrate their most memorable moments in life.


How are we doing?


We know life has been difficult for Filipino families, more difficult than what you and us experience. Jardin de Miramar took the opportunity and launched ‘A KILO FOR A CAUSE,’ distributing rice on two occasions to the unprivileged communities in Antipolo.





The crisis may be taking its toll, but we still are going an extra mile to make the situation better for our employees. Though sadly, we had to retrench 10% of our staff but gave them better separation pays more than what is required,  the rest with no work still got a certain percentage of their salary and full benefits in spite of no events for the last 4 months.


We at Jardin value our people; we take care of them and nurture their potentials. And in return, they take care of the company and its clients. The staffs took this time to train with TESDA and webinars to acquire new skills to service the clients.  We’re always finding ways to deliver our best to serve you.


While couples waited for their special day to celebrate love and commitment, a virus hit the whole world and caused thousands of wedding to be postponed or cancelled. We at Jardin de Miramar then brainstormed, thought of ways until we came up with solutions that would surely help and guide you with your awaited event to celebrate. Not to mention, keep you safe and make sure you needn’t to worry as you celebrate with your loved ones.


We went to e-com to zoom oculars – anything for our client’s convenience. Because we truly believe that special occasions such as weddings are cherished moments in life that could only happen once in a person’s life. Best to make it count and memorable no matter the circumstances – but safe.


Despite the challenges, we created News Ways that comes with Virtually Jardin. Both are physical-distanced ready wedding package and comes hand in hand. New Ways helps you celebrate your wedding in a wide open space garden venue. We took the time and studied the perfect approach for this pandemic. Fresh air in wide open space blows away the virus that we’re all dreading. The setup also comes with amenities such as our portable aircon since we know you’ll be standing and staying outdoors as that’s to safeguard yours and your guests’ health.


Since we have to follow strict rules that there should be no large gatherings, we came up with Virtually Jardin, to let you invite your loved ones who cannot make it to your actual wedding due to strict physical distancing and maintained number of guests in the venue.


And while you want to celebrate your party at home, we’ve also created the surest way to be safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We introduced Café Leona’s Celebrations at Home party package. A complete amenity party set where you don’t need to worry about the food and amenities because we will be delivering it right to your home. It comes with a 7 viand meal of your choice plus cake. It can also can be bundled with Virtually Jardin so you have a video coverage for your party.




As long as the pandemic is here, we are always innovating, getting creative and of course, we are sensitive to your needs. We promise that amidst all this crisis, we are here for you to ensure that your events will be significant and something to fondly look back with Jardin de Miramar.


Every day is a new day and in today’s world, we cannot predict what will happen in an hour, let alone tomorrow. Now is the time to rest and incubate our mind, allowing it to bask in its own creative juices. It’s a time of unprecedented change. Allow that resilience and creativity that is innate in you to spread. The world is waiting. Let us hope and keep on keeping on.

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