Lhia Ubaldo | June 6, 2020

Don’t worry, you can still have a beautiful but affordable wedding.

Weddings in the Philippines can be pretty expensive. Currently, the average cost of a wedding is more or less at P300,000 and that’s still even considered a simple, intimate celebration of about 150 guests.

The truth is, it’s hard to establish a fixed budget for your wedding because there can be a lot of unexpected things that can happen while planning for your big day. But if you know what you want (and what your fiancé wants), then you won’t easily get caught up with everybody’s (and we mean your family, friends and society) expectations; you can tie the knot without tying up your finances.

We pretty much know what every couple is struggling right now with the current situation that the world is in. Economy is down and a lot of people are getting unemployed. Money IS really an issue right now and you as an individual must be wise on spending every centavo that you have.

Here are some practical tips to plan a cost-effective celebration you’ll still love!


1. Determine the kind of wedding you want

When you picture your wedding, what do you see? A rustic theme? A whimsical theme? Garden wedding? Think about the overall feel you want your wedding to have. When it comes to planning a wedding on a budget, knowing your priorities matters.


2. Research for the perfect wedding dress within your budget

It’s easy to get out of control when it comes to spending money on what is usually the bride’s favorite element of the wedding – her wedding dress. Fortunately, it is also easy to save money on the dress if the bride sticks to her budget and shops wisely.  Or, siginificant budget reduction is if you rent a gown.


3. Negotiate with your caterer for a custom wedding reception menu to cut down on cost.

Be honest with your caterer about your need to save money. Ask them which are the least expensive entrees and whether a buffet is cheaper than a plated dinner.

4. DIY as possible

You can save a ton of money by doing your wedding invitations yourself.  And that goes with your wedding favors as well! It is traditional to give wedding favors to your guests as an appreciation for their loving support of your marriage. When you have a large wedding, the cost of favors can be expensive, so consider making them yourself.


5. Learn to ask for help to save money

If you are planning on having a budgeted wedding, do not be afraid to ask for help from your friends and family. Pool your friends and family’s resources. Think of musicians you know, well-spoken friends who could host and be emcee in your wedding, ask an organized friend to help you plan and streamline your wedding ceremony, and crafty people who can help you assemble things. They will generally be honored to be a special part of your big day.  Also, look for money-saving tips everywhere. Check websites and ask friends and family members for what they did to save money on their big day.


6. Trim your wedding guest list

Remember, each time you add a name to your invitation list, you’re increasing your budget significantly. It’s not just the catering costs, but also the extra centrepieces, favors, rentals, etc. Don’t invite anyone you haven’t talked to in five years. We’re sure they’ll understand.  It’s your special day after all, you have the right to choose who should attend and who does not necessarily have to be at your wedding.


7. Choose the venue for your wedding and their offered packages wisely

A big part of every couple’s wedding is the location. Where you celebrate your special day will have an impact on how you will remember your wedding ceremony and so will your guests.  And in today’s situation, it’s best preferred if you can have it in a wide-open space venue, where viruses can be wind blown, and limit to 50 guests the most.  In these times, weddings just need to be meaningful and unforgettable – but safe.

With this, Jardin de Miramar offers a virtual wedding package, Virtually Jardin – the most affordable wedding package available in Antipolo, and perhaps the first in the country.  Live stream coverage via zoom, customized photo coverage, live stream ready sound system, and with coordinators who went all in to virtually assist you all throughout your day.  We do whatever we can to ensure that couples have the technology to make their guests virtually around and enjoy the event.

Jardin de Miramar’s well landscaped 3-hectare property comes with garden venue such as Ylang, Prado, Sevilla, Plaza and Estacion that’s wide and open in space. Along with the new virtual wedding package, the venue is prepared for physical distancing practices and set up.

New Ways is a package that comes hand in hand with Virtually Jardin. New ways is the practice for physical distancing standard for weddings, while Virtually Jardin lets your guests witness your wedding through a professional Zoom call. Virtually Jardin will keep you connected while being physically apart.

The best of all with Virtually Jardin, because the said online wedding package is so attainable, couples can invite more people to participate than they would with an in-person wedding. So just think that the whole process is a lot cooler than you thought it was going to be and you get to save a ton of money!

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