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Mark Vitasa is the owner and head photographer of MVP Studios. He has been part of the photography and wedding industry for 15 years now. In that time, he has built a strong portfolio of beautiful photographs and the experience to handle any kind of event you need him for. Weddings in particular are never easy for a photographer. A wedding is a day that happens only once in a lifetime. Moments happen that cannot be captured or recreated ever again. So for a wedding photographer, experience is key. Talent of course is also a necessity. Mark has a quick eye. As every moment is fleeting, he is attentive in his surroundings as not to miss a priceless moment. His attention to detail is as creative as can be. To him, each photograph he captures has a purpose and a meaning, not just a collection of things and faces. Furthermore, passion is his drive. Clients that he has had in the past have become friends and some practically like family solely because he loves what he does. You can’t go wrong with a photographer who’s got passion for what he’s doing. You know that his priority is captivating you with the precious pictures of your memorable day and that your photos are ones you will happily look back at years and years from now and still take you back to that day as if you were presently there.


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