VIRTUALLY JARDIN: Because Love Doesn’t Have To Wait


VIRTUALLY JARDIN: Because Love Doesn’t Have To Wait

Lhia Ubaldo | May 24, 2020

It’s time to make your virtual wedding dreams a beautiful reality!

Imagine spending years or more of your life planning for one day, putting in so much effort on it, and you’re finally getting ready to live it. You’re just patiently waiting for your special day to come, then the entire world comes to a halt, putting all plans – including yours – on hold. This has been the fate of numerous brides and grooms-to be whose nuptials were greatly affected by COVID-19.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has upended more than just plans, and countless people have lost far more than just a special day. But like all the myriad things we’re mourning this year, wedding cancelations have caused disappointment, stress, and a sense of loss for couples who were really looking forward to tying the knot this year.


Just a few (long) months ago, majority of couples lost all hope to continue with their wedding day because of the dreaded virus. Not to mention, wedding planners, event venues along with wedding suppliers were worried as they saw the number of their scheduled bookings dropped as the pandemic prolonged.

It was not long before couples just settled with video calls with their choice of officiants and friends. Until it was discovered that it was very feasible to push through with couples’ wedding day through Zoom.

“About 45% of virtual weddings are scheduled to take place,” says Ms. Edna Del Rosario, the President of Jardin de Miramar. “A lot of couples wanted to move forward with their weddings. We thought, what can we do to help? So we came up with a solution for it.”


Traditional weddings will take up to 6 months to a year or so to plan (We’ll also remind you of your budget for it). Not to mention, couples need to consider carefully who to invite as guests.

With everything turning online, it seemed that people can RSVP to “yes” without the need to actually travel to the actual location and even the grandpas and grandmas get to be with you in your virtual wedding as they just sit comfortably at home. They can just stay where they are and enjoy your special day with you. Now, more people are able to give toasts or small speeches since there won’t be traditional open dancing time. There’s more time and less ‘coordination’ needed, so more people are able to speak. And the event will be more heartfelt and really intimate.

Most importantly, brides and grooms can be really happy because they have tied the knot amidst the pandemic that was stopping their plans in the first place.


In these times, weddings just need to be meaningful and unforgettable – but safe. With this, Jardin de Miramar offers a virtual wedding package, Virtually Jardin – the most affordable wedding package available in Antipolo. Live stream coverage via zoom, customized photo coverage, live stream ready sound system and with coordinators who went all in to virtually assist you all throughout your day. We do whatever we can to ensure the couples, in which their guests don’t have to worry about the technology and can enjoy the event.

Jardin de Miramar’s beautiful property comes with garden venues such as Ylang, Prado, Sevilla, Plaza and Estacion that’s wide and open in space. Along with the new virtual wedding package, the venue is prepared for physical distancing practices and set up, not to mention affordable cakes because that’s important in any wedding too.

New Ways is a package that comes hand in hand with Virtually Jardin. New ways is the practice for physical distancing standard for weddings, while Virtually Jardin lets your guests witness your wedding through Zoom call. Virtually Jardin will keep you connected while being physically apart.


The best of all with Virtually Jardin, because the said online wedding package is so attainable, couples can invite more people to participate than they would with an in-person wedding. So just think that the whole process is a lot cooler than you thought it was going to be!

At the end of the day, if you’re married, the day was a success!

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