The Wedding Circle of Love

The Wedding Circle La Dexies by Eventistry PH

The Wedding Circle of Love

               The coming together of a husband and wife is a life moment we all want to remember. On your wedding day, it’s a bright milestone that only grows stronger and more meaningful as the years go by. The best weddings I’ve attended always radiate a bride’s beauty and contentment. They feel comforting, the way a groom exudes  a sense of security. And in the company of family and friends, it becomes a party worth celebrating and reliving over and over again. But there’s also so much magic in the flowers that bloom and perfume these special occasions. A glow that curated lights and table settings lend to the ceremony. A warmth and joy we taste in the decadent food and experience in handsome service, that just makes weddings a true pleasure to be a part of.

              As future brides and grooms and even as attendees, I feel that we could all agree that the best weddings we want for ourselves and to attend, should be memorable. They should be fun and beautiful. And finally most reflective of your love for one another. At Jardin De Miramar, it is possible and they make it happen, with the help of their very own Wedding Circle of Love.

              Jardin believes in making weddings memorable. They know weddings have to be one of the best days of anyone’s life. And this is the goal that fuels Jardin. The same goal which impassions Jardin’s suppliers, partners and friends. Jardin’s Wedding Circle of Love is a community of wedding suppliers with this common goal in mind. By supporting each other not only in business as partners and suppliers, but also as very good friends, the joy of making a magical and memorable wedding possible, is easier for them to achieve together.

              The Wedding Circle of Love is lucky to have these suppliers and friends as part of their community. While Chef Maria’s Catering only started as a business in 2020, its owners’ years of experience in the industry certainly makes them credible. With delicious food on offer and superb styling, there’s much to look forward to with having Chef Maria’s Catering on your wedding day. CVJ Catering is well known for its food and service. Not one to scrimp on their ingredients, CVJ matches their great food with excellent service that you won’t regret! Dabiana’s Catering Services is another partner worth recommending. With a specialty in various dishes and commendable service, there is thought and care in everything they do and all their clients could not stop raving about them. Top notch event styling and catering is Densol’s strength. Clients remember how Densol turns their visions into realities and this is exactly why more and new clients seek Densol out. A name well-known in the industry and also a part of the Wedding Circle of Love is Hizon’s Catering Services. Service unlike any other and food that is to die for, Hizon’s is a grand choice supplier to have on your big day. La Dexies Catering by Eventistry Ph’s scrumptious food choices and exquisite service-and even styling, is always top of mind. As an industry veteran too, you are sure to have a wedding that everyone won’t forget. If a bright, fun wedding is what you have in mind, Richgold Weddings is the partner to choose. With its signature quirky aesthetics and its scrumptious food, a Richgold Wedding will surely have a lot of fans. Shekinah Dishes has made a name for itself as the caterer to call for special occasions. From birthdays, private parties and most especially on your wedding day, Shekinah Dishes’ signature food brings magic and joy to every event they cater to. And last but not the least, Sac B. Catering marries tasteful elegance with warm and friendly service that is hard to beat. Top quality food and service marks any Sac B. Catering that it’s a true pleasure and assurance to know that you have them on a very special day.   

              In the Wedding Circle of Love, Jardin represents their partners and suppliers, whose strengths compliment each other and together, make up a strong support group for everyone. Like friends coming together to work on a project, the Wedding Circle of Love features a range of suppliers and their services. From catering to styling, down to service-focused suppliers, Jardin’s friends are wedding industry bests and experts, who are well experienced and aim to make weddings memorable and beautiful.

              And that’s the kind of wedding you want to have. You want to make it happen in the company of people, suppliers and partners who want the same kind of beautiful wedding for you. Especially now when life moments are to be treasured more than ever, the weddings we dream of are the ones worth looking back on and will remain beautiful even after years have passed. 

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