Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding (Yes, Even During the Pandemic)


Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding (Yes, Even During the Pandemic)


The journey is long but the destination is worth it.

Ever wondered what it is like to have a destination wedding? Think idyllic landscapes, a mountain view, or the sandy beach. Having a destinations wedding is a complete getaway – one that is fitting to celebrate your love. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and so you try to have the most unique experience of all.

In our case now, it is hard to imagine having a wedding so far away with all the restrictions in place. So, a mountain view and a sandy beach may be out of the question. With our tropical climate although, we still have some areas full of lush green trees and an idyllic landscape perfect for that destination wedding backdrop.

Let’s list down all of the reasons why you should consider a destination wedding (yes, even during the pandemic):


First, it’s a chance to seal the deal in a romantic venue like an idyllic landscape that we mentioned above. The bonus part is most of the landscapes are developed into beautiful open-air gardens. There is no need to worry about cramped, circulated air you will get in most indoor venues. Places with open-air circulation are proven best to ward off unwanted viruses. Also having a beautiful open-air garden as a wedding venue means you don’t need to overdo the decorations. Nature is the best décor of all! What does it mean, then? A lot more savings for you!


Speaking of savings, you should also consider having a destination wedding because of the available packages! It’s also a chance to save up! Most destination wedding venues have teamed up with local suppliers to give you your dream wedding. By availing of packages, you are already saving up on cash because these packages are bundled up for ease of service. You can check out the DESTINATION: DREAM GARDEN WEDDING ALL-IN PACKAGES here.


Third, destination weddings are virtually stress-free. Local wedding suppliers have been in the business for so long. Some even as far as 15 years back. They know what to expect already. They know the ins and outs of the business. They know what ideas will work and what will not. You just show up and they take care of the rest. You can trust them to execute your dream destination wedding.


Fourth, you have a chance to design a wedding that’s uniquely you! Just 30 minutes away from Metro Manila, Antipolo offers a view that is fitting for your dream destination wedding. Jardin de Miramar Events venue, specifically, has unique, thematic venues that you can play around with.

• For the forest-loving couple, the Paradiso venue at Jardin de Miramar is a multi-level garden with palm trees surrounding it. It also has romantic trellises that are made out of wood perfect for the tropical touch.

Paradiso Venue
The Paradiso venue all dressed up for an event.
paradiso wedding set up
A sunshine-y day at the Paradiso
paradiso night view
A lovely evening. The stunning palm trees and the magical fairy lights at the Paradiso.
Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding (Yes, Even During the Pandemic) 1
A wonderful wedding setup at the Paradiso

• For the couple who is keen to showcase their roots, the Ylang-Ylang is a Filipiniana-themed venue. It is an open-air, anahaw-covered pavilion. Its aesthetic look symbolizes the true Filipino touch.

Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding (Yes, Even During the Pandemic) 2
Fall in love with the Ylang-Ylang venue.
Ylang ylang venue
The Ylang-Ylang venue in its Filipiniana glory.
ceiling treatment ylang-ylang venue
The Ylang-Ylang venue clad in a grand setup
Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding (Yes, Even During the Pandemic) 3
A different kind of setup at the Ylang-Ylang

• The Sevilla venue, on the other hand, is a modern indoor pavilion perfect for the minimalist couples. Its white walls will make you remember the purity and elegance of your love.

sevilla events venue
The minimalist and modern Sevilla
minimalist and modern
Elegant in white. The Sevilla venue is all dressed up for a wedding.
Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding (Yes, Even During the Pandemic) 4
Bright wedding setups complement the Sevilla’s minimalist style.

• The Isla Palma is ideal for people who are seeking a touch of paradise. For those looking to have that ‘mini resort’ feels, the Isla Palma has its own pool, lounges and recreational rooms. Truly, it is a perfect venue for your destination wedding.

Isla Palma Events Place
The Isla Palma is a class on its own. Perfect for your dream destination wedding.
Juan Carlo at Isla Palma
Amazing and elegant event setup at the Isla Palma
Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding (Yes, Even During the Pandemic) 5
Majestic Isla Palma pillars are picture-perfect.


Fifth, a destination wedding is a once-in-lifetime opportunity. Your special day must be something extraordinary. You deserve to have that unique memory.

Jardin de Miramar offers a safe sanctuary and a guaranteed destination to celebrate your love. The global pandemic may put a hamper on your plans but Jardin assures you that the journey may be long and hard but the destination will be worth it.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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