The Blooming Roses and The Passionate Bride

The Blooming Roses and The Passionate Bride

The Blooming Roses and The Passionate Bride

Hey, lovebug! The month of June is here! It’s probably the most famous month to get married in! Did you know why? Well, Roman goddess Juno (from whom June is named) is said to be the protector of all women especially in marriage and childbearing. So, getting married on that month is considered lucky! Who wants to get married in the month of June? We sure do!

Bridal season is definitely here. We put the spotlight on you, beloved brides. It is time for you to embrace the romantic, passionate bride that you are. A blushing bride is a blooming rose. She is full of love and passion. There is a budding intimacy in her, one that cannot wait to be united to her one true love.

Speaking of Roman Goddess Juno, who doesn’t want to look like a goddess on her special day?! Of course, looking like a Roman Goddess needs work and we are here to dish out some effortless tips to make you look like a blooming rose on your big day!

That includes: prenup shoots (to immortalize that beauty!), dresses (who loves shopping?), skin regimen (because skin care is life), and stress-free wedding planning (need I say more?).

In preparing for a wedding, we cannot deny the fact that all eyes are going to be on the bride so it is necessary to look the part!
Lovebug, we know that pampering yourself make up half the fun of wedding planning!

Let’s start with a prenup shoot.

Now you may be asking if a prenup shoot is worth the time and money?

Should you go for a prenup shoot??

Absolutely! A prenup shoot is the perfect way to capture you and your partner’s beginnings as forever lovers. Imagine the shots: your partner gazing lovingly at you, your dress flowing with the wind, you and your partner holding hands with a sunset backdrop.

These are some shots that you can share on your social media profiles for your distant relatives and friends to see. With limited guests on your actual wedding, this is a way for you to extend that newly engaged and soon-to-wed hype. There’s no other way than to celebrate your love! And be dolled up in the process!

Bridal Prenup Location

We’ve seen it all. From k-drama inspired to fairytale-themed, almost all of the prenup photoshoots we’ve seen are exuding with joy and love. Choosing a prenup venue may be exhausting and confusing for some because there are just so many options to choose from! It is best to choose one prenup venue that offers unique sceneries. You get to hit a couple of birds with one stone. In Jardin de Miramar, you can choose to be photographed in a landscaped garden, in a rolling hill, with a background of fine art sculptures, in a backdrop of trees, or in a historical walled city (Intramuros)! You name it. They have it. Thrown in the mix is the free use of props! You and your love can get photographed in various settings. More memories for the treasure trove for just a minimum price. You can check out the prenup shoot rates here.

Terraza at Jardin de Miramar
Intramuros at Jardin de Miramar

Bridal Prenup Attire

With so many available options, we know that one dress is not enough! Good news is you can wear tons of dresses on your prenup shoot! Having the perfect attire in your prenup can boost your mood and instantly lift your spirits. It’ll show naturally in the pictures, lovebug! So, it is important to carefully choose your outfits. You must look ravishing and comfortable in it. If you are not very keen in buying new clothes just for a one-time shoot, fret not! There are available bridal wear rental services. They have a vast array of clothes that will make you look photo-ready!

Bridal Glow Regimen

Beauty comes from within. But it doesn’t hurt to practice a good skin care routine, lovebug! Nowadays, wearing protective gears such as face masks and face shields may trap sweat and cause acne on your skin. It is good to cleanse, tone, and moisturize. That is a foolproof way to having healthy skin. Next step is knowing what brands work for you. It’s important to be mindful of all the products that you apply on your skin. Stay away from the harmful chemicals and embrace all-natural. It will work wonders. Look at some of the testimonials of people who’ve used natural beauty products here.

A surefire, affordable way to get healthy skin? Hydrate! Drinking water will flush out toxins from your body and will make your skin reduce fine lines and wrinkles! Hello, bridal glow!

A Safe Haven in This Exciting Chapter

The vaccines may arrive but the virus is here to stay for long. It is undeniable that events nowadays should be conducted outdoors. Having your gathering in an open-air venue may reduce significantly the chance of getting infected because of the open-air circulation. Also, an outdoor venue offers you the possibility to conduct social distancing requirements because of the wide space available. This eases the stress of wedding planning for brides.

Every one of your relatives and friends want to take a look at how you’ve transformed from a youthful lady to a radiant bride. Due to the pandemic, only a handful of guests are allowed. In GCQ Heightened, venues are allowed to operate at 10% venue capacity. Worry not because Jardin de Miramar allows up to 130 guests in its vast, three-hectare garden venue.

Jardin de Miramar is a wide and safe open-air garden venue where brides can have their passionate and romantic dream wedding.

Check out the selection of venues here.

Prado Garden Venue Jardin de Miramar
moderno estacion garden wedding venue

Welcoming More Guests Without The Hassle and Fear

If you really can’t let go of the idea of not inviting your elementary best friend or just cringing at the fact that your 90-year old lola will not be able to see you walk down the aisle, how about availing for a wedding live streaming service? You can now welcome more guests virtually. Your guests can now join your big day from the comfort and safety of their own homes. You can even invite your relatives from abroad! Virtually, Jardin bridges the distance between you and your loved ones. After all, they deserve to see you at your most blooming state.


A Lovely Wedding Package

One tip to make you look ravishing, fresh and radiant on your wedding day? Avoid the stress! It is best to leave it to the experts to plan your dream wedding. Shopping, planning, and coordinating is not easy and may take you lots of time (not to mention money). Save up by booking an all-inclusive package. There are now flexible wedding packages that are adapted to new ways. There also packages that have extended their serving date up to 2022! No more worrying about the changing restrictions. Most importantly, no more stress. You can now sit back and wait for the big day.

After all the craziness that is the pandemic, brides still deserve the very best. Their romantic ways and loving arms are highlighted this month of June. Join us as we celebrate the passionate bride in The Blooming Roses Wedding Package. Check out the lovely wedding packages.

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