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Wedding Superstitions, Explained.

Did you ever wonder why the month of June became the popular month to get married in? Or why the bridal wear includes a veil? Or why is there a

Rain Showers and Rainbows

Heto ako, basang basa sa ulan. Walang masisilungan, walang malalapitan. ♪ ♫ Ooops. Hold there, lovebug. Rainy season does not mean you will get wet and gloomy. On the opposite


7 Rainy Wedding Photoshoot Inspirations

Rain on your wedding day does not mean you will have to take a rain check on your photoshoot! Your wedding day has come. But lo and behold, the forecast


How to Have a Romance in the Rain

The month of July has come. And along with it ¬- rainfalls and heavy storms. Raise your hands up if you feel instantly elated when there is rain. Raise your

Jardin de Miramar's Romance in the Rain Weddings

The Romance in the Rain Weddings

The Romance in the Rain WEddings Promo period Booking date: Up to July 31, 2021  Serving date: For 30 pax packages: Up to October. 2021. For 50/100 pax packages: Up

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Before the Big Day: The Final Countdown

What’s a bride to do before the big day?  Oh, joy! After months of planning, the day that you are waiting for has finally arrived! Are you ready, lovebug? Feel

The Blooming Roses and The Passionate Bride

The Blooming Roses and The Passionate Bride Hey, lovebug! The month of June is here! It’s probably the most famous month to get married in! Did you know why? Well,

The Blooming Rose Wedding packages

The Blooming Rose All-in Wedding packages Promo period Booking date: Up to June 30, 2021 Serving date: For 30pax packages: Up to Sep. 2021. Peak month rates apply except for