Ah. Love makes us do the craziest things. Here are some unique proposals from the heart, guaranteed to make you say… ‘Aww.’

It’s the love month! Every couple’s been taking advantage of this month to show their love to each other. Guys like stepping it up a notch by planning their wedding proposals for their girlfriends! If you plan on proposing to your most special one (even if you’re a man or a woman), we are listing down crazy beautiful types of proposals we have seen online! Who knows? You might find inspiration in these photos and videos!

If you’re single, don’t you worry! You will find your happily-ever-after soon enough! Just continue scrolling and bask in these awesome wedding proposals.

The Heartfelt One

Fast food is comfort food. Who knew that this guy would be proposing to his girl in the most common place of all! KFC! With a bucket of fries and a ring on one hand, this guy sealed the deal. Colonel Sanders would have been proud. Such a genuine and heartfelt proposal. The stomach is the way to a man’s heart, you say? Or is it the woman’s? 😉

Love and a bucket of fries. 💍

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The ‘Not-Quite-There-Pero-Nakakakilig-Pa-Rin’ One

Ah, we love a good meet-cute. Lucky for this two, they met at a wedding! It is the perfect place to jumpstart the romance! Jam, an events host was getting all riled up in her act. The groomsman, Al, decided to join in on the fun! The result? A wacky reception and an even wackier proposal – or is it? Watch to find out!

The Music Video One

Who loves k-pop? We sure do. Do you know what we love more? A beautifully-planned wedding proposal involving k-pop music, of course! The lady was supposed to dine in a swanky restaurant with her friends. Little did she know that her then-boyfriend planned an orchestrated wedding proposal. It all starts with an argument….

Watch it below.

The Heart-Wrenching One

What will you feel if you saw your boyfriend lying down on a street after a vehicular accident? You. Will. Be. Speechless. What if he rose and asked for your hand in marriage? Certainly, at a loss for words too! Try setting it up in front of your partner’s workplace and you’ve got a viral video worth sharing. What did we say the first time? Crazy. Beautiful.

The Techy One

Ever experienced virtual reality? This couple reminded us that we are in the digital age once again as the guy asked his girl to don a virtual reality glass. There, he presented pictures of him and his girl. Watch to see the rest of his one-of-a-kind proposal!

The Masked One

The police lieutenant in New Jersey, USA had not seen his girlfriend in a month. When it is time for them to meet, the guy wrote in his face mask WYMM as in ‘Will you marry me?’ The lady responded by writing ‘Yes’ to her face mask, as well. They say love should have to be honest and straightforward. Take down notes, kids! Check out the cute picture below.

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Proposals can be nerve-wracking but at the end of the day they represent a couple’s story – may it be how they met, what are their favorite food and what hobbies do they enjoy. We, Filipinos, are fun-loving and thus love a good proposal story or two!

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Sculpture The Proposal

With 15 years of industry experience, Jardin de Miramar is considered a symbol of proposals and marriages in Antipolo. This top-rated venue choice offers unique sceneries for your events. Indeed, spending time with your special one deserves a memorable place.

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