On your way to forever? Here are beautiful rings that will make you say I do…

After the onslaught of 2020, we have proven one thing. And that, lovebug, is nothing can ever stop love even a pandemic. So with dating and engagements left and right, we thought to list down 5 engagement ring trends to watch out for in 2021.


Whether you have been secretly planning your wedding day when you were just a little girl or just dropping hints to your long-time boyfriend, we’re pretty sure you’ve thought about how your engagement ring will look like. Let’s see if it made the cut!

1. Unique Rings With Personal Details


Image from: https://www.custommade.com/custom-engagement-rings/

Couples had undoubtedly a lot of time in their hands with social gatherings and personal travels being limited. That resulted to a lot of insightful and distinctive ring designs that the couples personalised. This is due to the fact that they wanted to relish the moment and hold onto whatever special memory they have. What can we say? Life is fleeting, lovebug.

2. Band-Style Rings


Image from: https://www.hollingsworthjewelers.com/jewelry-details/diamond-fashion-rings/halo-style-engagement-ring-matching-band/8989

With the economical downfall of 2020, couples now prefer band-style rings. These band-style rings serve the purpose of an engagement ring and a wedding band in one. Sounds like a thrifty choice, lovebug? Not only that, it is convenient and useful as well! According to experts, band-style rings are easy to sanitize as we have been doing a lot of these days.

3. Classic Styles


Image from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/412642384600565993/

You know the classics never go out of style, lovebug. As more and more couples shop their engagement rings online, they prefer the classic styles as opposed to the more trendier ones that they do not have the opportunity to try on in the physical stores. Couples now prefer to go back to the classics where nothing can go wrong. We definitely can’t blame them.

4. Petite Side-Stones


Screen grabbed from: https://www.brides.com/story/engagement-ring-trends

We’ve seen the minimal look of these little side-stones and what can we say? We’re in love! Is it possible to fall in love twice on your wedding day? One, with your spouse and two, with your engagement ring? Happily ever after, huh?

5. Alternative Gemstones and Medals


Screen grabbed from: https://www.thespruce.com/gemstone-engagement-rings-2043182

They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend. But for the adventurous ones, there are other gemstones that can totally rock your engagement! (Pun intended!) Not to mention, it comes with a much more affordable price. You can even experiment on the cuts and the color depending on the personality of your relationship. Now, that’s something you would love to tell your grandchildren someday. We love a good icebreaker jewelry!

Whether or not your ring made it to the cut, we wish you a happy engagement lovebug, COVID and all. What’s important is that you appreciate the companionship that your partner offers. At the end of the day, it’ll be just you and your love.

Now, lovebug, we know you are swooning over these engagement rings! Care to let us know which you’ve been eyeing? Drop us a line below!

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