A PANDEMIC PURCHASING REPORT: What is truly essential?


In a world nowadays, we strive to go all-natural. The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our lifestyle in one way or another.

The demand for basic necessities such as canned/packed food, beverages, toiletries, medicine and vitamins, grocery items, and fresh meat and vegetables remained. People have also put a significant amount of time and budget in purchasing disinfecting solutions, hand sanitizers and other cleaning solutions to ward off any unwanted bacteria and viruses. These are the basic essentials that we need in our day-to-day life as we are forced to stay at home or work-from-home.

Unable to do our usual routines and get-togethers, the advent of the pandemic has made us realize what is really essential?

Tapping creativity

natural-baking  natural-working-out

The extra time at home has allowed us to tap into our creative juices. People now prefer home-cooked meals, DIY entertainment nights, and establishing a workout routine. In the first few months of quarantine, Instagram exploded with photos of homebaked ube cheese pandesal, chocolate cookies and dalgona coffee. Netizens have also uploaded their workout videos in the hopes of gaining #fitspiration. Netflix became more in-demand as it welcomed hoards and hoards of subscribers waiting to see the new season of Money Heist. All these, done in the comforts of home.

Searching for quality and security

natural-fruits natural-plant


People have also looked into incorporating fruits, vegetables and vitamins to their diet. Not to mention the throes of #oilbularyos, #plantitos and #plantitas taking over the digital space, with the thought of boosting their immune system, taking care of their mental health and ultimately, adding value to to their life. After all, health is definitely wealth.


The uproar of ‘pabili’ and ‘pasabuy’ services in social media has made it safe for people who wants to buy goods without the hassle of going outside. Now, with the risks of going out, people have tried to look elsewhere for their recreational splurging and prefer to spend on a blissful experience that they can enjoy at home.

With Naturals by Jardin, you can now experience health, wellness and self-care rolled into one. Your daily consummables now have an added value of an all-natural ingredient guaranteed safe and vital to the body. Treating yourself has never been this nourishing! As they say, an all-natural product makes you light, zestful and happy.

Naturals by Jardin product line includes soaps, oils, coffee and juices. They are made out of pure ingredients reminiscent of the bare goodness of nature, the true essential.

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Pandemic purchasing rises

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