CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER: Arabica, Robusta or Liberica Coffee Beans?




Ever wonder what coffee beans go into your Americano, Iced coffee or Espresso?

Whatever gets you going for the day, we sure as hell that does include a coffee or two! Coffee keeps you alert and improves your performance. It even contains a lot of antioxidants that fight the free radicals within your body! What more could you ask for?

But before you sip on that coffee, have you ever tried to identify the flavor notes that pervade your cup? Coffee connoisseur or not, you deserve to get to know your beans for that maximum boost you need.

First up, Arabica Beans!


The Arabica beans is the most common coffee bean to date. It accounts for 70% of the world’s coffee production. It grows in high altitude and is commonly reffered to as the ‘mountain coffee’. It is very expensive and difficult to cultivate, as the plant is prone to disease. Because of the high elevation, it takes longer to mature resulting in its sweet taste. Its acidity is higher but its fruity and vibrant flavor more than makes up for it!

Bean check: oval in shape, flat, dark and greasy

Next up, Robusta Beans!


Robusta beans is said to be the second biggest coffee player. It is almost always used in 3-in-1 coffee products because they are easier to cultivate and can withstand differences in environment but prefer a hotter climate. The Robusta coffee beans contain a higher level of caffeine that instantly wards of pests! What a kick! Because of the higher caffeine content, the Robusta coffee beans tastes a little bit smokier and toastier. This is the perfect coffee bean for your iced coffee as it can withstand any amount of milk and sugar!

Bean check: circular in shape, pale and dry

Finally, Liberica Beans!


This is probably new to the people who’s just been introduced to the ~coffee culture~ Liberica beans account for only 2% of the world’s production. The coffee plant can grow up to 65 feet in height and towers over its more popular counterparts. The Kapeng Barako, native to Batangas, is an example of Liberica beans. It has a dark, earthy but balanced flavor that will leave the coffee addicts energetic and satisfied! Not to mention, it smells sensational! This is the perfect bean for your espresso.

Bean check: asymmetrical, almost almond and teardrop-size

Now, ready to choose your fighter? Select from Café Leona’s newest coffee offerings and be ready to take on the day! For a medium dark roast 250 gram pack, you get to enjoy:

the smoky and toasted flavor of Robusta for only P229
the dark and balanced Kapeng Barako Flavor of Liberica for only P259
the fruity and vibrant flavor of Arabica for only P259

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