Naturals by Jardin Beauty products

Naturals by Jardin Beauty products

Naturals by Jardin Beauty products


A Natural Beauty Product

Naturals by Jardin Beauty products Charcoal Virgin Coconut Oil soap


Naturals by Jardin is an all-natural product line made especially for the health and beauty-conscious. Inspired by the natural surroundings in the mountains of Antipolo, the products are all derived from the bare goodness of nature, all light to touch and reminiscent of a flourishing garden.

All-natural, All day

Naturals by Jardin Beauty products Virgin Coconut Oil

The premier products include Virgin Coconut Oil All-Natural Soaps that are healthy to the skin, Virgin Coconut Oil All-Natural Aromatherapy Oils that calm and soothe exhaustion, edible Virgin Coconut Oils that can boost the body’s immune system and Insect Repellants for glowing coverage. As part of a developing line, more all-natural products will blossom in the future.


Wedding Favors

Harnessing the essential benefits of the ingredients such as the virgin coconut oil, oats and lavender, the products are sure to make you feel light and airy, like walking down the aisle to your forever. Remember and encapsulate this feeling. Make these all-natural products a part of your special day.

Sow lightness and love. Reap nature’s goodness with Naturals by Jardin.

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