5 Outdoor Venue Inspirations We Saw From Celebrity Weddings (2020-2021)

Parachute tent paradiso 5 Outdoor Venue Inspirations We Saw From Celebrity Weddings

5 Outdoor Venue Inspirations We Saw From Celebrity Weddings (2020-2021)

Searching for outdoor venue inspirations for your wedding?

Even our favorite Filipino celebrity weddings took a hit because of the COVID pandemic. Gone are the days of inviting over 200 people for their wedding ceremony and reception. More and more celebrities have opted for minimonies, microweddings, and intimate ones just to seal their union. Not only that, they have also opted to have their wedding venues in the great outdoors. Outdoor weddings are deemed safe because of the open-air circulation and the vast space where they can implement social distancing requirements that are otherwise non-existent in indoor spaces. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, we will be listing down outdoor venue inspirations we saw from our beloved celebrities’ weddings!

Outdoor Venue Inspiration # 1: In a ship

We can’t get enough of actor Rocco Nacino’s ship wedding to Melissa Gohing! Rocco is a registered nurse, an army reserve, and a dashing creative groom! We absolutely loved his idea of tying the knot in a naval ship, something very close to his career. We wonder if we can get married in a ship, too? Ooops. That’s for another blog!


Outdoor Venue Inspiration # 2: In your parents’ backyard

Alex Gonzaga might look fun and outgoing in her vlogs. In reality, her family is a model of intimacy. She is known to have a tight-knit relationship with her parents and sister. We are not surprised when she suddenly broke the news that she already got married to Mikee Morada last year. Lo and behold. The wedding ceremony was held in her parent’s house in Rizal complete with a wedding reception literally in her backyard (with a view of the pool and all)! She certainly set the bar of what an intimate wedding is.

Outdoor Venue Inspiration # 3: In a farm

The latest celebrity weddings to surprise us is none other than Lucky Manzano’s. His wedding to Jesse Mendiola had us all awe-struck. For someone so popular as him, we would’ve thought he’d delay the wedding to a much bigger one when things are safe. But no, his dedication and love couldn’t wait much longer. Our takeaway from this wedding? Three amazing things: Lucky’s pink suit, Jesse’s glowing bridal look, and the rustic look of their farm venue. Indeed, love is organic.


Outdoor Venue Inspiration # 4: In a landscaped garden

 In 2020 and 2021, a lot of celebrities opted for the classic garden wedding. Celebrities like KZ Tandingan and TJ Monterde, Megan Young and Mikael Daez, and Bettina Carlos and Mikki Eduardo decided to seal the deal in open-air garden venues. We can’t blame them though. Garden weddings are timeless and even made popular nowadays. With the vast garden space, you can conduct your ceremony and reception without sacrificing the aesthetics and the safety of your guests. The best part is you need only minimal styling as the landscaped garden is beautiful on its own! Less styling, more savings!

Looking for a destination venue near the metro? Go for the lovely landscapes in Antipolo! Here are some beautiful garden wedding venues only 30 minutes away from Metro Manila.


Outdoor Venue Inspiration # 5: In a museum

Actress Ina Feleo’s wedding to Italian Giacomo Gervasutti is the stuff of dreams. Imagine getting married in an outdoor museum? The chic architectural style of the place is the perfect venue for the sophisticated couple. Their greatest masterpiece? Their love.

Looking for a venue with art pieces all around? Why not try the Isla Palma venue in Antipolo? Check it out here.


The pandemic has made loads of impact to common people like us and even to the brightest stars that we look up to. Lovebug, people have gotten more and more creative as to where they will hold their wedding ceremonies. Whatever venue you will choose, what’s important is that your union will be blessed by the sacrament of matrimony. Where are you planning to hold yours? Comment down below.  😊

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