6 Fun, Socially-Distant Wedding Reception Activities To Try!



Here are the new activities to try at your own wedding reception! It’s the new year, lovebug. That means new trends to watch out for whether in wedding gowns, table stylings or even wedding reception activities to keep your guests happy and engaged! We are listing down 6 fun, safe and socially-distant reception activities for you to try, guaranteed to create the perfect wedding memory!

1. The Shoe Game


First up is the shoe game! This is the classic wedding reception activity that will put the spotlight on the couple themselves. The shoe game goes like this: the couple sit back-to-back. Each spouse hold a shoe of the groom and a shoe of the bride. They raise whichever shoe they think is the answer to the question. Questions like: who is more likely to snore, who is more likely to splurge on shopping and who is more tidy are the usual questions to ask. Guests have a load of fun watching the newly-minted husband and wife scramble to answer which is which.

This game is one of the classic games to play pre-COVID and can still be enjoyed post-COVID. Guests are seated on their own tables and are free to watch the game.

2. Themed Photo booth

Now, this one is a favorite! Couples can customize their own photo booths. Guests love posing in front of the camera and having a personalized souvenir at the end of the day! In the post-pandemic world, couples must take into mind that guests should not be cramped up in a very tiny space to prevent viral transmissions.

How about considering an open-air, virus-free outdoor venue for your wedding reception?

Check out some of these outdoor venues.

3. Creating Hashtags / Event GeoTags


In the digital age, couples can now opt to create their own wedding hashtags and event geotags! This is the perfect time to get creative on the digital space, where a lot of people spend most of their waking time. Also, memories on the internet live forever! Why not immortalize that wedding day by creating your own event geotag or hashtags and letting guests join in on the fun? You will then have a grand time checking out their shared snapshots the morning after.

To create an event geotag:

  • Log into the Facebook app on your phone, go to create a post, and tap Check In.
  • On the next screen, search for your event. If it appears, great! If not, you can add a new place by scrolling down to the bottom of the list to find the option to add a new place.
  • Next, you will need to fill out some information.

  • Once you have completed these steps, go back to Create a Post.  Select Check In and search for your event. Once it appears here you can use it as a Geotag for Instagram posts too.

4. Bride and Groom Trivia


Again, a classing wedding reception activity! Guests can stay at their own tables and play the bride and groom wedding trivia! Prizes can also be searched and hunted for in the table. How about hitting that two birds with one stone? In that way, couples can minimize the guests’ movement and maximize the fun!

5. Killer Wedding Playlist


Imagine a concert at your wedding! If you plan to invite a wedding band or singer, why not set it up as a socially-distant concert? Guests can stand or sit while enjoying some good ol’ wedding tunes in the comfort of their own tables! They can even wave their hands and sing along (with masks on!) How about it, lovebug? A perfect wedding reception activity for the music-lovers out there!

6. Read my Lips

Now, this one is for the live streamed weddings! Guests from all over the world can still participate in the wedding reception activities. Couples can play the Read My Lips game. They will mouth a phrase to the live streaming audience while on mute. The audience will have to guess what sentence or phrase it is. This is indeed the perfect game to play with your guests from miles away!

This venue offers to livestream your wedding day with their affordable packages: https://jardindemiramareventsvenue.com/jardindemiramareventsvenue/

A socially-distant wedding is definitely the trend to watch out for in the coming months. It is important to practice the safety protocols while not sacrificing the fun. What games / activities will you try at your wedding, lovebug? Let us know below!

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