How To Ask For Money Instead of Gifts For A Wedding


How To Ask For Money Instead of Gifts For A Wedding

Asking for money instead of a wedding gift is a tough thing to do. Well, tough times call for tough measures. It’s not easy living in the Philippines. Especially when COVID hit the country, it left us in recession. Jobs are lost and a handful of workers were displaced. These are struggles of the times. Since you are starting a new chapter in your life, you may have been saving up for a new house or even just the payments for utilities. It is better to be smart and upfront to your guests about which type of gift you will appreciate. Now doing so, it requires a bit of tact.

We’ll help you reach out to your guests and respectfully ask for money instead of gifts to a wedding. Now, here are some tricky things to consider:

Do we still need to set up a wedding registry?


As much as you want cash to be given to you, other guests might still check out your gift registry website and take a look at things they think will be of value to you. Expand your receiving access by still letting them know that you have a wedding registry online.

Do we state in our invitation that we want cash?


The trick here is to do is as subtle as possible. It may be in the form of poetry. People love to beat around the bush. This may be the one time that that phrase may be helpful.

Do we say how we will use the cash?

Ideally, yes. People love to know how donations / gifts are utilized. It is one way to be accountable of the money. Thank them and let them know if you will be using it for the honeymoon, the house or the baby you planned on having.


Do we tell our parents and friends to let people know that we wanted cash?


Yes, enlisting your wedding party to spread the word about your decision is a strategic thing to do. They may mention it in subtle ways too. In that way, you are not directly asking your guests for cash but hoping in your hearts that they will be enlightened about your current situation as new husband and wife.

Do we put out a ‘wishing well’ at the reception?


Of course! Handing out a cash box or a wishing well is a practical thing to do. You need to be ready in case people hand you actual cash!

Need some more advice on wedding etiquette? Stay tuned for more wedding tips and tricks here!
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