Say ‘I Do’ To A Big Wedding This 2021-2022

Say I do to a big wedding this 2021/2022

To a Big Wedding this 2021-2022

We know it’s been one hell of a time trying to organize your dream wedding. You, as a bride, have looked up all possible options to conduct your event safely. One thing is clear: intimate weddings are your last resort. Although this is not what you’ve hoped for, there is no stopping your love. We can’t blame you though. But what if we say that you can have that big wedding you’ve dreamed of this 2021? No more slashing guest lists and no more weighing who gets to fit into that maximum guest capacity. Yes, you read it right. You can have a big wedding.

Let’s not forget the fact that we need to plan our dream wedding the safe way. After all, the most important thing is our health. Now, here are some factors to consider when planning a bigger wedding this 2021:

Back-up Plans

These are unprecedented times and no one is ever ready for it. The best thing to do is to set up contingency plans. With the changing restrictions set by the IATF, it is best to have a plan B, C, D, and so on and so forth. It is not enough to have one original plan as it may be shaken up (as seen in Fortune article: 4 Tips For  Planning A Wedding During COVID).  It is not enough that we are battling this pandemic. We are also prone to climate changes. Think heavy rains during summer months. What we are saying is you should have a back-up plan for whatever is thrown in your way. Have a back-up plan and fall in love with it. It does not always mean that it is second best. Try to think of it as a beautiful plan that God directed you to.

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It is undeniable that the wedding industry has been hit hard the past year. Now, suppliers are mitigating their loss and adapting new ways.  In light of cancellations, suppliers now have added a clause on their contracts to protect their livelihoods as well (as seen in a Rappler article: How COVID-19 brought down and raised up the PH Wedding Industry)

As a bride, it is your duty to read it carefully and see where they can fit in your back-up plans.

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An Artistic Photographer

You will be having the most important day in your life and you want to have it documented down to the last millisecond of the event. The best investment is to hire an artistic photographer, one that can capture all of the wonderful intimate moments that you can look back on. Even without the flairs of a premium wedding, you’re sure to say that your wedding is the most beautiful event out there. Thanks to the photographer!

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Wedding Live Streams

It is undeniable that technology has played a vital role in making our lives easier in this pandemic. I Virtual chat and video rooms allowed us to be able to connect with our loved ones from far away. If your relatives are still afraid of going out and attending events, your best bet is to stream your event through the application Zoom. Have your guests join in on the wedding fun by availing of the services offered by Virtually, Jardin. Trust me, you’ll be connected with them more than ever. 😉

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Affordable (and Stylish!) Wedding Packages

There’s this notion that what is affordable means that it is not quality. Well, in Jardin de Miramar, you won’t have to sacrifice a thing or two! They have beautiful wedding packages that are easy on the pocket! With everything that’s been going on nowadays, finding wedding venues who actually care for your situation by offering friendly rates are heaven-sent.  

Check out some of the wedding rates for 2021 here.

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Options for Next Year’s Event

With so much changes in restrictions, we cannot blame the couple if they want to delay their wedding for a couple of months or even a year. Luckily, there are some wedding venue packages that has extended their serving period up to 2022! It is the best bet to go forward in wedding planning and will actually give you the chance to plan for a bigger and grander wedding. Keeping our fingers crossed that everything will be safe enough come 2022. Enter vaccines.


A lot of people have been wary about taking the vaccines. Some are carefully waiting it out. Some are just downright against it. But experts have spoken. Vaccines can significantly decrease the infection when you get the dreaded virus. So, take the vaccine when it is made available to you. It is one step away from the normalcy that we used to enjoy pre-pandemic.  It can also give you that peace of mind when mingling with friends, relatives, loved ones, acquaintances, and colleagues.

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Open-air Venues

Now that there have been studies that poor ventilation and circulation is the perfect recipe to get COVID, soon-to-weds now consider open-air venues. Choosing that open-air venue gives you that breath of fresh air. You won’t have to worry about breathing the same recycled air you get in an enclosed space.

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Wide Spaces

Adding to the safety of open-air venues is the wide spaces. You can invite more people without sacrificing your guests’ safety because you adhere to the social distancing protocols. Flash news, that’s only possible if you have a big outdoor venue. The gardens in Jardin de Miramar can accommodate a total of 300 pax even with social distancing required! How cool is that? They also have available air coolers for the maximum comfort of your guests.

Here at Jardin de Miramar, you get to choose from a selection of wide, open-air spaces. There are several garden venues each with their own characteristics. They have the Filipinas, Moderno, Isla, and Paradiso venues. Filipinas venues have traditional, local elements perfect for those looking to have a classic Filipiniana wedding. The Moderno venues have vast indoor and outdoor spaces that are adjacent to each other. The Paradiso venues offer a commune to nature while the Isla venues offer a premium experience without the hefty price tag.

 We can guarantee that you can enjoy your dream wedding the safe way.

Experts say that even with the pandemic taking a backseat, the best and safest choice would still be open-air and wide venues. The virus could still be lurking around and we need to take the necessary precautions to avoid it at all costs.

It is really a challenging time for couples who want to have a grand celebration. What we can now offer to you is a sliver of hope. Tomorrow is a chance for us to see the light of day after these dark months. Whether you plan an intimate or a slightly bigger wedding, heed these advices for a fun and peaceful gathering. What are you waiting for? Say ‘I do’ to a big wedding now.

Say I do to a big wedding this 2021/2022

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