Silver Lining: A Celebration of Intimate Love

Silver lining Paradiso Venue Jardin de Miramar

Hey, lovebug. Dry those tears now. We know you’ve been dreaming of this day for several years now. It really sucks to know that your wedding might be affected in this uncertain bubble that we are in. Baptisms, burials, and weddings are now down to a maximum of ten people. For a lover of parties, that doesn’t even include the rest of your entourage! How to deal with this sticky situation? Well, we have no choice, lovebug, but to get on with the programming. We assure you, there’s a silver lining in every situation that you find yourself in. What is a silver lining, you ask? It means a sign of hope or a positive aspect in an otherwise negative situation. So, pick yourself up and focus on some beautiful inspirations you can use for your wedding.

Who are the ten, most important people I need to invite?

Ten people minus the bride, groom, and officiant equals to seven people. Divide it and you are only allowed to invite three people from your side of the family. What. We hear you, lovebug. There’s only your mother, father, and sibling. Dust off this aspect and think of future events that you can invite other people too, like an anniversary party one year on. Remember. Silver Lining.

Of course, you can always invite friends and relatives to witness your event through live streaming services. There are affordable wedding live streaming platforms that are available for your use. Let your friends see your special day through the comfort of their own homes. Virtually, Jardin has some amazing packages for you to choose from. 


What’s a beautiful venue that only allows ten people?

Good news, lovebug. There are certain event venues that have some nice outdoor tents you can use for a party of ten. Think of some locations with shaded yards that you can utilize, rain or shine. Some even offers banquet halls that are big enough for your social distancing requirements. But I bet you, al fresco is the ‘in’ thing nowadays! Also, al fresco dining is already adapted by different restaurants in Metro Manila and will be inevitably here to stay. Experts say that the virus will forever be ingrained in our lives and can affect our routines altogether. So, from now on, hello al fresco!

How can I stylize a tent?

This beautiful wedding package offers the use of tents with fairy lights that will look strikingly beautiful on a summer evening. The Paradiso venue’s warm mood lighting will help create the romantic set-up and the greenery as backdrop offers that ‘garden wedding’ touch. The fairy lights wrapped around the palm trunks in the forest will make you feel like you are in a fairytale (without the villain hopefully). The surrounding trees can offer fresh and open-air circulation, guaranteed safe from viruses.

Silver lining Paradiso Venue Jardin de Miramar

What are other wedding components I can still enjoy?

If you are big on food, now’s the time to splurge on some authentic, quality cuisines that will give your tastebuds a spectacular time. Now that the weight of feeding 60-80 people is off your back, you can kick back and enjoy a fine dining for you, your spouse, and the people closest to you.

Another wedding component that you can still enjoy is the wedding set-up. In small weddings abroad, wedding coordinators have taken the time to carefully put together a jaw-dropping wedding table scape, complete with flowers and candles.

If you are a fan of music, it will not hurt to invite a violinist or a pianist that can play you some classic tunes to set the mood.

violin, violinist, music

We know it’s been a tough year for the soon-to-wed couples having to change their plans almost constantly given the different restrictions set by the government. We know that your love is worth celebrating for. We know that it is worth celebrating still. We present to you Silver Linings: Jardin Private Wedding Packages fit for an intimate celebration of your love. Even in bad situations, we can see a sliver of hope in a blessed union.

When are you planning to hold a wedding ceremony and reception, lovebug? Let us work with you to create that safe wedding memory in times of uncertainty and distress. Inquire and contact us here.

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