Wedding Venue Questions You Should Be Asking


So, you’ve done your homework, lovebug. You’ve had your shortlist of wedding venues already and you are gearing up to do an ocular. Hold up and let us do some research first to maximize our time during the venue ocular. We tell you what are the most important questions to ask your wedding venue.


But before you head on to your ocular, don’t forget to call the venue and check their website or social media profiles:

To see the overall look of the place.
Some couples have initial ideas on their wedding themes – may it be a beach or a garden, a couple has to check whether the place is what they envision it to be.

To check if your wedding date is open.
Some venues are small that they can only accommodate one event per day considering their ingress or egress times. If you are flexible with your date, some venues also offer free reschedules considering the changing restrictions nowadays.

To initially inquire on their prices.
It’s a bummer to fall in love with a venue and not be able to afford it. So do your due diligence first and stick with your budget!


Finally, you met your venue coordinator already. At first, you fall in love with the expansive area. But don’t give in just yet! Here are some questions to ask about the wedding venue:

How many people does the space accommodate?

Why you need to know: In a time of pandemic, it’s important to know how big the space is and how many people it can safely accommodate. To adhere to social distancing protocols, couples must consider a vast space if they have a long guest list!

Pro tip: Jardin de Miramar is one of the few venues in Antipolo who can serve up to 300 people safely!

Is the venue pandemic-ready?

Why you need to know: The experts have spoken and they’ve told us to avoid being in one crowded room with people. For couples who want to gather their families in one area, they should consider going for an open-air venue like a classic garden.

Pro-tip: Jardin de Miramar is a three-hectare garden with open-air venues that allow for ventilation. You don’t have to worry about the recycled air you’ll get in an indoor venue.

What’s your outdoor space like?

Why you need to know: Following the question above, the outdoors is still the safest place to be and so you want to ask for the specifics like how many people does this outdoor space comfortably and safely hold?

What kinds of aesthetic features do you have?

Why you need to know: It’s important to make sure that any standout features in the area are well-photographed in your wedding pictures. Aesthetic features also add to the vibe of your wedding whether the venue has a pool, incredible interiors or façade, or natural areas. You might want to take advantage of those in your wedding documentation!

Pro tip: Jardin de Miramar has several thematic venues that you can choose from. These venues have their own unique features! The Ylang-Ylang is an anahaw-covered pavilion perfect for your Filipiniana-themed events. The Paradiso venue is a multi-tiered garden with palm trees surrounding it. The Sevilla is a modern, indoor pavilion known for its minimalism. The Isla Palma gives off a tropical contemporary vibe with its stunning architecture.

What kinds of services do you offer?

Why you need to know: A lot of wedding venues offer ALL-INCLUSIVE packages that include catering, lights and sounds, and other essential amenities. This is a chance for you to save up on cash by availing of their pre-packaged promos.

What’s your electricity like?

Why you need to know: You want to know if the venue has enough power outlets to effectively light your reception up. Also, you would want to ask if they have back-up generators onsite in case there’s an emergency blackout.

Pro tip: Jardin de Miramar’s Freebies include 5000w of electricity. You won’t have to worry about power outage on your wedding day!

Do you have in-house wedding suppliers?

Why you need to know: Wedding venues usually have their accredited suppliers already. These are trusted partners that they have a longstanding relationship with. Together, they can execute the perfect wedding event for you.

How many hours does our rental cover?

Why you need to know: You would need this information to tell your suppliers to give them enough time for ingress and egress.

Does your venue have…?

• A tent, if you want an outdoor ceremony or need a backup plan.
Pro tip: Look at this parachute tents perfect for the slight drizzles of rain at the Estacion venue.

• A backup plan in general, in case your first option needs to be changed due to weather.

• Space for your ceremony, if you want to use the venue for both your ceremony and reception.
Pro tip: Look at this adjacent venue to the Ylang-Ylang: the Prado. You can use the Prado venue for your ceremony area and have your reception at the Ylang-Ylang.

• Cocktail hour space, especially if you’re having the ceremony and reception at the venue.
Pro tip: Look at the Plaza venue adjacent to the Sevilla venue. You can hold your cocktails in this venue.

• Parking for your guests

• Ample restrooms for your guests

So, there you have it. We have given you a list of questions you need to ask your wedding venue! Fortunately, you might fall in love with one and book it right then and there! Good luck, lovebug! May you have the perfect wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

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