7 Bridal Fashion Trends and What Venue They Look Best In (2021-2022)


The most exciting part about wedding planning for brides is actually picking out their wedding dress! It’s the most fun yet the most nerve-wracking, too! You just want to get it right. You pray to the high heavens to look beautiful on your wedding day (and yes you will!) Whether you already have a specific style in mind or just browsing around, we’ll list down the bridal fashion trends this 2021-2022 to inspire you in shopping for that perfect ensemble. A bonus? We’ll let you in on what venue it looks best in! Happy browsing!

1. Tea-Length Dresses

Tea-length dresses are the ones that go just before the ankles. These dresses were popularized in the 1940’s- 1950’s. Just like any other fashion trend, it rose to fame again because of its casual, not-so-trying-hard look perfect for intimate weddings. 

The perfect location for this? Garden venues.

Photo from: Style Me Pretty
Photo from: Essense Designs

2. Clean cuts and square necklines

In the advent of the pandemic, most brides look for clean cuts rather than detailed beadings and embroideries. Blame it on the fact that a lot of weddings have taken a shorter time to prepare because of the nature of these events. The smaller your wedding party, the faster it takes to schedule. This allowed the brides to choose the easiest fit and cuts. They still look ravishing, although! 

The perfect location for this? Garden venues, churches. 

Photo from Pinterest
Photo from The Knot

3. Short Trains

For women who love all the flair that comes with the wedding gown, short trains are the best bet. They’re beginning to scale down on all the drama by preferring short over long trains and simple over grand wedding gowns. With the rise of minimonies or the microweddings, brides wanted to choose the more casual look and saving the ball gowns and long trains for a bigger second wedding in the future. 

The perfect location for this? Churches.

Photo from Storenvy
Photo from PGM Dress

4. Jumpsuits / Pantsuits

Jumpsuits and pantsuits are the most popular choice for the contemporary bride. This look is perfect for  city hall and backyard weddings. It’s definitely the effortless but chic look that does it for us. 

The perfect location for this? The city hall, backyards, garden venues.

Photo from Etsy
Photo from The Knot

5. Gowns with sleeves (on and off-the-shoulder)

You might think that gowns with sleeves are a thing of the past. But hey, they made a comeback with a modern twist! Detachable long, short and off-the-shoulder sleeves have allowed the brides to be more creative with their wedding dress! 

The perfect location for this? Everywhere!

Photo from Storenvy
Photo from Hi-Prom Dress

6. Slip Dresses and Cottage House Dresses

Influenced by western culture, slip dresses are the easiest fabric on the skin. You can literally slip it on and go about your daily activities. Cottage house dresses are part boho, part dainty and shares the same personality as that of a slip dress. It has less frills than what you can expect on a typical wedding gown.  Wear it and you’re good to go. 

The perfect location for this?  Backyard, garden venues.

Photo from And For Love
Photo from BHLDN

7. Big Ribbons and Ruffles

The same with the clean cuts and necklines, brides choose the easiest way to style their gowns. And they can never go wrong with styling it with a big ribbon. It can be put in the back or front side and voila, instant drama!

The perfect location for this? Churches, garden venues.

Photo from STORENVY

It is undeniable that every woman has their own body shape and style. In shopping for wedding dresses, there are popular trends that you can dive into or you can always just rely on your trusted cuts. At the end of the day, you have to feel comfortable and gorgeous in it. You have to feel like a blooming rose, ready to walk down the aisle to her forever. Noticed anything? It looks like the fashion trends look the best in garden venues! Considering one? Check out a selection of outdoor wedding venues for you to showcase the amazing fit you’ve planned for the day.

See you on your most beautiful day, lovebug! 

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