7 Rainy Wedding Photoshoot Inspirations

Rain on your wedding day does not mean you will have to take a rain check on your photoshoot!

Your wedding day has come. But lo and behold, the forecast says it will be a rainy day. Before you panic, try to accept that this is an inevitable situation and you should just relax and proceed with your most awaited day. You might think that you won’t have beautiful photos because the rain started to pour.

Hey, we’ve got good news for you, lovebug. The rain is actually the perfect backdrop because of the accompanying dark blue skies with a tinge of periwinkle on the side. You and your one, true love will be the sole focus of the photographer’s lens. Your wedding gown, light against the dark backdrop, might be the star of the photos too!

Here are some of our favorite rainy wedding shots that you may find inspiration in:

The one under the umbrella

The umbrella is probably the most popular prop for a rainy photoshoot session. Level up your photoshoot by using bright color umbrellas for that extra pop of color in a dark backdrop or opt for the transparent umbrella for a more sophisticated, classic look. Either way, an umbrella is the most useful prop that will keep you dry and will lend an interesting touch to your photos.

7 Rainy Wedding Photoshoot Inspirations 1

The one with the drizzling effect

Raindrops in photos look all the more dramatic. So, play with the drizzling effect of the rain and you will be surprised that it will turn out with a soft, vignette effect that almost fades into the background. 

7 Rainy Wedding Photoshoot Inspirations 2

The one with the reflection

Rain creates puddles on the ground or on the pavement. Take advantage of this by posing in front of it while the photographer captures your reflection in the puddle. Instant creative shot! And you don’t have to look so far or put in too much effort to achieve the whole who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me? ♫

7 Rainy Wedding Photoshoot Inspirations 3

The one with the overcast

Overcast weather means gray skies and an overall somber mood. Have your photographer take in the whole landscape of your venue to create the sentimental, emotive look of a wedding day. 

7 Rainy Wedding Photoshoot Inspirations 4
Photo from: SLR Lounge

The one bursting with intimacy

As a sequel to the photograph with the umbrella, why not cozy up to your spouse while you are both under an awning or an umbrella. This is the perfect time to steal a kiss or two and be all intimate with each other. Hey, you’re newlyweds after all! Swoon!

7 Rainy Wedding Photoshoot Inspirations 5
Photo from: Green Wedding Shoes

The one with the flowing dress (or veil)

Rain can bring with it gusts of wind. Instead of trying to fight it, why not let your dress or your veil flow naturally with it? (Just as long as it does not expose your undergarments!) Trust us, it’ll be a picture-perfect moment! Just remember to act natural, look towards the direction of the wind, allow your hair and dress to flow in the other direction (to avoid having hair all over the place!), and embrace the wind in all its glory.

7 Rainy Wedding Photoshoot Inspirations 6
Photo from: Unsplash

The one with the rainbow

The best thing about rain? The rainbow that will come after it, of course! While you have thoroughly enjoyed posing for shots under the rain, the perfect shot is yet to be captured! Enjoy the after-effects of the gloomy rain with the vibrant rainbow colors. It will lift your mood instantly. It will also mark the start of your bright future, ahem, forever.

7 Rainy Wedding Photoshoot Inspirations 7
Photo of Edjur and Mayu
Captured by: Jenry Villamar Photo & Video

 Now that you have rainy wedding photoshoot ideas, your next best bet is to hire a good photographer that can help you capture those amazing shots. The photographer can also provide tips on how to make the rain look like it’s not a big deal for your love. After all, love is fiercer than the wild forces of nature.

Care to let us know what you think? Have you set up your wedding date yet?

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