How to Have a Romance in the Rain


How to Have a Romance in the Rain


The month of July has come. And along with it ¬- rainfalls and heavy storms. Raise your hands up if you feel instantly elated when there is rain. Raise your hands too if you feel that rain is not for you. The good news is you can have your wedding rain or shine. Read up on these factors and you’ll surely consider the idea of rain on your wedding day.

We cannot deny that the months of June – September are the most susceptible to storms. If you love the rainy weather, you might consider booking your wedding during the wettest months of the year and actually enjoy planning it. Well, what’s not to love? The rain gives you a perfect chance to be in romance with your forever. Think of a laidback atmosphere, the cool breeze (a reason to cuddle up!), and the light mood that you will find yourself in. Having a romance in the rain sounds so good after all!

The Destination

Planning a wedding during the wet season is not fun if you are threatened with floods. How about choosing a high, mountainous area rather than low-lying areas that are more susceptible to flooding? Metro Manila is prone to flooding, so why not consider adjacent areas like Rizal? There are available scenic destinations that will look just as stunning in the rain as it does in sunny weather. Bonus points? You will not worry about flooding because the trees that surround the mountains will be able to seep the water in and will allow you to take a breather (literally)!

Bride enjoying a photoshoot in a picturesque greenery filled with trees and plants near the Terraza venue at Jardin de Miramar

The Venue

Fifteen (15) months in quarantine and we have established our new normal already. That includes the outdoors – from celebrations to dining and gathering. With cases left and right, experts suggest that the safest venues are the ones that have wide areas and open-air circulations. Guess a venue that has both? Well, you guessed it right. Garden venues offer you that ample area for social distancing and the open space needed for unrecycled air circulation. With quarantine restrictions easing up, you can now invite a bigger crowd starting at 50 pax! With the safety measures and protocols, you can have a big wedding that you have been dreaming of as a little child. Ain’t no pandemic gonna hold you back, sister!

Bride in a wide outdoor garden area called the Prado venue at Jardin de Miramar
Bride in a spacious, indoor, modern pavilion called the Sevilla venue at Jardin de Miramar.

The Tent as Your Love Nest

A pandemic will not stop your love. But what if rain does? Garden venues like Jardin de Miramar offers a nice parachute tent to shield you from light rain showers. It is still romantic because it allows you to have a small glimpse of the sky, not to mention the dreamy, billowing folds when there is a light breeze.  But what if it is a downpour? Still, Jardin de Miramar can offer you an indoor pavilion or hall that can protect you and your guests from getting wet.  The beautiful thing is that you can talk to your venue coordinator about possible contingency plans when it rains super hard on your wedding day. It does not matter if you book in one area and eventually having it in another, the venue coordinator will able to offer flexibility in a time of uncertainty. How’s that for relief?

The Parachute Tent at the Prado venue
Bride underneath the parachute tent

The Curated Wedding Styling

Light, pastel colors make up the perfect wedding set-up. These natural colors will offer a contrast to the greenery backdrop of the garden. Rustic, Filipiniana, or Modern – whatever look you are going for, a dedicated team will work with you on your curated wedding styling. And will allow you to achieve your Romance in The Rain feels.

Curated Wedding Styling at the Ylang-Ylang Venue
Bride enjoying posing in the curated wedding styling background

 The Romance in the Rain Wedding Packages

A lover of the rain? Or just want to wed your lover in the rain? The Romance in The Rain Wedding Packages offers you a rainproof celebration. With various selections of outdoor garden areas and a mix of indoor pavilions in the event of torrential rains, Jardin de Miramar is the perfect venue to hold your wedding day in whether it’d be sunny or rainy. You can relax, thinking that you will have a fine wedding, whatever the weather.

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