Trending Wedding Motifs of The Year and How To Use Them

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Here are some of the popular colors for wedding events that are making their rounds on the web…

Lovebug, colors and motifs are very important in a wedding. It can represent a personality and direct a mood. Industry giant, Pantone, announced that the two colors for the year are “Ultimate Grey” and “Illuminating Yellow”. Grey symbolizes a “stable foundation” while yellow symbolizes that much-needed “positivity”. With the tragic events of last year, we believe that Pantone deemed it worthy that we will be needing two colors to guide the rest of our decisions this year.

 Aside from the colors Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow, we will be listing down the trending colors for the year 2021 and help you how to use them! Let these color palettes inspire you and your partner in coming up with mood boards of your special day.

Wedding Motif # 1: Light Blues

The color blue is a staple hue in weddings. It represents calmness and peace, which all couples aspire for in settling down. Light blues like periwinkle, powder blue and French blue will easily adapt to other elements like rustic oranges and burgundy. They also pair best with pastel colors like soft yellow and pinks.

Try incorporating light blues in your bouquet to add to that whimsical yet ambient effect.

wedding-motif-cupcake wedding-motif-bouquet wedding-motif-arch

Wedding Motif # 2: Green

No doubt about it. We are going to see a lot of greens this year from natural backdrops to accent colors. The past years have seen a surge in greens particularly because of the popularity of outdoor wedding themes. Now that we have established that the outdoors is really the safest way to gather, be prepared to look for outdoor garden venues! Check out a selection of garden venues here.

 If your favorite color is green, why not step it up a notch by looking to its other shades for your wedding elements? Green is also the most flattering color universally so have fun with it! Hues like olive, pistachio, avocado and matcha will bring that 70’s aesthetic to your wedding. Incorporate them in your entourage’s motif and be done for the day. Instant retro vibes! How about asking your bartender to prepare green-colored drinks? Cucumber lemonade sounds good on a hot day, am I right?

wedding-motif-tux green, ferns, flora drink, ice, green

Wedding Motif # 3: Retro Brights

Studies show that a lot of couples-to-wed nowadays are in their 30’s. They will probably enjoy retro brights taken from the 1980’s and 1990’s! Think yellow, teal, bright red, fuchsia and cobalt blue. This wedding color palette is best for the show-stopper couples. Knock your guests’ socks off by embracing a combination of these bright colors. Add bright-colored plates to your set-up. Have neon signs in your photo booth backdrops or simply ask your groomsmen to don these eye-catching colors. It’ll instantly lift everyone’s moods.

wedding-motif-car wedding-motif-plate-red wedding-motif-fuchsia wedding-motif-electric

Wedding Motif # 4: Lavender and Lilac

Lilac and lavenders are the most appropriate for the romantic bride. Lavender and lilac connote whimsicality and freshness. Try them on your wedding cake, on your signboard and guestbook and even in your aisle decorations.

wedding-motif-aisle wedding-motif-girl wedding-motif-sign

Wedding Motif # 5: Orange

Orange or papaya orange to be exact is another version of the colors peach and coral. This color can transform your wedding set-up in a bohemian-artsy theme or a lively, tropical theme. If you want to go for the latter, use it as an accent color and pair it with other neutral colors to make it pop up.

wedding-motif-back wedding-motif-plate wedding-motif-tux

Wedding Motif # 6: Neutrals

Neutral colors are popular nowadays because of the chic vibe it gives. Not only that, it is also the easiest colors to play around with. It is perfect for minimalist couples. Add depth to your minimalist colors by adding touches of green or metallics like gold and silver to avoid boredom on the eyes.

wedding-motif-neutral wedding-motif-gold wedding-motif-invite

Wedding Motif # 7: Yellow

Vibrant, sunny yellow takes this year’s most trending colors. It can instantly add a pop of color to a wedding element like the wedding arch or the wedding table scape. As a symbol of light, couples would want to utilize this color. After all, we need a little positivity in our lives.

wedding-motif-tulip wedding-motif-maid wedding-motif-backdrop

What wedding motifs are you going for, lovebug? Let us know below. 😊

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